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  • Repulse
    Requires Sorcerer
    Cast Time Instant
    Type: Active
    Knocks back and snares nearby enemies.
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    Repulse is Sorcerer’s spell from Dark Magic school. The spell knocks back nearby enemies and slows them down.

    Repulse is not a single target spell. It affects a group of players and you can slow down several enemies at once. It is very beneficial for kiting enemies. The spell can help to increase the distance between you and enemies giving you more space and time for the next attack.

    You can also use Repulse in order to prevent low health enemy from escaping. Snaring effect will slow the enemy down and he will not escape. But it is not the best spell for slowing down low health enemy because of knocking effect.

    Repulse knocks enemies back and this effect can be used in different situations. For example imagine that you fight with the enemy and see that there is a trap / burning area is behind him. You can cast Repulse to push him into the area. He will receive extra damage and snaring effect will also be helpful in such situation.

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