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Requires Sorcerer
Type: Passive
Permanently increase magicka regeneration

Capacitator is a passive of a Sorcerer class that increases magicka regeneration. Every Sorcerer who masters this ability receives permanent bonus to the speed of Magicka regeneration. It is a great Spell for all sorcerers regardless of their specialization. Doesn’t matter what skill path you like, Capacitator will help you anyway. That’s why you may want to master this passive.

Capacitator allows your character to regen energy faster than usually without any extra actions. All you need to get this permanent bonus is to invest skill point into this passive. The ability has 2 ranks and each increases the bonus more and more.

Of course if you specialize in using Daedric Summoning or Dark Magic mastering Capacitator is not the general priority for you. But after reaching 50th level you may want to master it because of great passive bonus it gives.

Most of the Sorcerers rely on Magicka energy during the fight. Magicka pool is very important for them because it allows to cast more powerful spells dealing more damage to enemy. The more magicka you have the more powerful you are. Of course this rule can be applied to those characters that specialize on Class skills. If your general specialization is Weapon skills you will not require a lot of manna because they consume stamina instead.

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