Will Beta Characters Carry Over Into the Live Game?

By: Ambuaz in: ESO News and Updates

Many of you guys take part in ESO Beta and have different characters. Some testers had chance to take part in more than 3 or 4 events and spent a lot of time for questing and leveling up. I heard that some testers could even reach the maximum possible level - 50th. The question of what will happen to all Beta characters after the end of the testing is very important.

There were a lot of rumors about this, but finally we have official information. Jessica Folsom, community manager for Elder Scrolls Online, confirmed that testers will not be able to continue playing their characters after the Beta is over. All characters will be destroyed and will not carry over to the live game.

ESO Beta Character carry over

There is one more source – Support section on the official ESO website:


No, The Elder Scrolls Online beta characters will not carry over to live. Players will need to create new characters at launch, or during Early Access if they have pre-ordered or pre-purchased the game and redeemed their Early Access code.


Currently it is unknown if the characters will be destroyed fully. Maybe ZeniMax will destroy only in-game progress leaving the appearance and Nicknames untouched. I will be happy to see this variant because I spent time creating my character and I like how it looks :) But to be honest I think that the chances to see this variant are low. It seems characters will be destroyed fully.

Testers will receive a reward for taking part in Beta - a monkey pet.

The other bonus for those testers who have purchased the digital download is that the Beta client can be patched to the full version. You will not have to download the game once more after the launch. You will be able to patch it to the full version and play. It is much better than downloading the full game again.

Thought the rewards are not amazing I am happy to be a Beta tester. I received a lot of knowledge. There will be great competition after launch and I will know what to do.

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    1. Y0kenB 27 february 2014, 12:23 # +1
      Personally I don't mind the beta character not pulling through. In fact — I heard this was the case from the beginning and thus didn't spend the time I normally do on the character creation screen.
      Also, I've got a good idea of what type of character I want to create, but the beta gives me that time to try out all the skills and fine tuning my true main character that'll be created on launch.

      Besides… I'm too busy bug-hunting to progress anything major :)
      1. SteveCampsOut 28 february 2014, 05:19 # 0
        I wouldn't want to keep playing my Sorcerer when it goes live because now that I've played, there are different decisions I know I'll make as I level my next Sorcerer! I'll treasure the memories of my Beta Sorcerer and save a Screen Grab of his looks, but beyond that. I'll be ready to move on!
        1. Keelan Roussel 01 march 2014, 01:17 # +1
          i want to keep my character. theres no reaso why we couldnt, just have to carry over the data. i spent time on my charactyer, and to me this is like losing game data in any other game,. beta or not, they are essentially wasting out time. Especially those who have put ion a long time up to the higher levels over multiple betas

          1. McGrubbers 01 march 2014, 05:47 # 0
            Thats not the point of a beta. If you want early access to a game make sure you sign up for early access they aren't waisting anyones time this is a voluntary way to help the dev team fix bugs to make the game much more fluid during release and test the system. They aren't doing this to see if you would like to buy the game or not this is not a trial or early access. Please don't sign up to beta test if you don't want to do that.
            1. Keelan Roussel 05 march 2014, 19:20 # 0
              I enjoyed the beta, ill sign up if I want to. I am aware of the difference and the point of beta testing, i am not an ignoramus. This was simply my first beta test EVER for any game EVER, and i apologize that i offended you by not understanding from the get go that i would not be able to keep my character. all i meant by waste of time was, had i known that the character was merely temporary, i would have spent less time trying to level up, and more time testing out the features, mechanics, and scope of the game, rather than grinding out a level. I will still get this game regardless because i enjoyed it, all i was saying is it would have been a nice thank you to the beta testers who made it far enough if they got to keep ONE single character. I would enjoy if my character was carried over, but i understand it will not. That does not stop me from thinking it would be nice to keep the character, You can have your opinion, why can't i have mine?
            2. Matt Jewbacca 01 march 2014, 21:57 # 0
              how is it fair to anyone else out there that you get to keep your character and all the FREE work you did on it, yet they have to pay to even get to level 1?
              1. Keelan Roussel 05 march 2014, 19:16 # 0
                Life's Not fair buddy. I was only stating that i would enjoy if we were allowed to keep our characters.
              2. That Dude 05 march 2014, 08:55 # 0
                First, learn how to write well. Second, learn how to make a cohesive thought come through your words. Third, it's not hard to spell check on this format. Four, I will stop there because I feel like I am picking on someone who is not all there.
                1. Keelan Roussel 05 march 2014, 19:14 # +1
                  Soooo sorry that i didn't conform to your grammar nazi ways. How am i not all here? that seems like quite an ignorant comment, for someone who couldn't get the simple «Cohesive Thought» (I think you meant COHERENT) Let me simplify. From a computer standpoint, it would be easy to duplicate character data and put it into the official release. With me so far? Second, i was Just stating that since i have put time into my character, it would feel like losing game data in another game. Make sense? It is a PERSONAL OPINION if MINE, and i am entitled to it.
                  1. That Dude 06 march 2014, 16:03 # -1
                    You still need to run that thing through some serious spell checking. And just to clarify I meant cohesive which is derived from coherent. Cohesive meaning that your thoughts are not all put together well. They are all over the place much like your writing. In this post and the one before, for that matter. The fact that I corrected your grammar is only the one thing that set you off the most. However, I damn near called you a moron in the end. How come I am not an anti-moron Nazi? That just shows how stupid you are, because the one thing that is less insulting set you off like a cannon.
              3. Legendary2150 04 march 2014, 18:09 # 0
                Oh its bad news
                1. That Dude 05 march 2014, 09:00 # 0
                  There's nothing bad about this news. You get a free pet for helping a company make a better game for you. And, to top it off, you don't have to download the game again. You just have to patch it. The only thing I wish they had done differently is send out another questionnaire at the end of last weekends beta. Unless, I am the only one that didn't get one.
                  1. That Dude 06 march 2014, 16:04 # 0
                    I stand corrected I got the survey…
                2. Legendary2150 06 march 2014, 08:58 # 0
                  I am so exited for free pet
                  1. Katy1030 07 march 2014, 09:08 # 0
                    Great, I get to save money for months/maybe even years to cover to up front and continuing costs of this game (which are exorbitant).

                    But when I finally make it to Tamriel, don't worry, I don't get to keep the name Katy or anything but I DO get a fucking monkey.


                    Bethesda… Could you please use some lube, my butthole is really getting chapped.
                    1. KB Warrior 09 march 2014, 23:03 # +1
                      I love Elder Scrolls going back to Morrowind and I love MMO's going back to EQ.

                      First — Mega Server with the phasing is a must today. Good job on that.
                      First person and third person, many positive comments on that already, good job.
                      All voice questing, wow that is awesome. I heard a rumor that John Clease was hired?
                      No step and fetch it quests. Every quest line I saw had some story to it.
                      Fantastic PvP, 200 person onscreen battles is amazing.
                      Everyone can sneak! Didn't see any real pickpocketing or stealing (Skyrim) but lots of world interaction none-the-less.

                      LOTS of bugs, crashes and lock-ups, idk if it can all be debugged by 4-4-14? So get ready for a buggy launch.
                      But do not dismay, MMO'ers are very used to that. But we expect to be able to communicate.

                      When EQ went live back in 1999-- we often waited 2 to 6 hours at server select just waiting to enter the game. And then we would find a bug that would crash us and that was the end of your play session for that day, haha. Seems funny now, not then!

                      But they did a great job with on-line help, in-game support, and even dealing with over 500 people per server crowded at the tunnel entrance in East Commons auctioning buy and sells which obviously led to the creation of the «Auction House». (Little nostalgia)

                      So bottomline, ESO is good, and good enough for players to endure some hick-ups in the beginning. But be communicative, people HATE being ignored or treated like that don't matter especially when they are paying to play.
                      1. KB Warrior 10 march 2014, 12:16 # 0
                        Waxing Nostalgic here a bit, I was thinking back on some of my favorite MMO moments.

                        EQ: Avoiding the lvl 35 Griffons in East Commons when you are only lvl 12. Your first major corpse run trying to get to the bottom of Befallen naked to get all your gear back.
                        «Sand Giants to the Docks», Solusek B «Train to zone» First time killing Nagafen and all the Fire Giants.
                        Kunark Expansion, first MMO expansion for me. Temple of Veeshan raiding, the Lords and Ladies and Vulak Aer. The Sleeper is awake!!!

                        WoW: I loved «Vanilla WoW» Barrens for the Win =/ «The Horde are invading Stormwind!!!!»
                        Just getting to the entrances of Blackrock Depths and Blackrock Spire. First time killing Onyxia!
                        (That MMO you tube video has 38,426,013 views btw, omg.)

                        1. Apple.Snowsong 20 march 2014, 07:32 # 0
                          I want to hear more about the free monkey pet! I grew up on the Elder Scrolls and they have always been my most favorite 'must have' games! I was not sure i was going to get ESO because of the costs and being in school still, but after doing some BETA trials, I will absolutely have to have ESO! i do think it feels Elder Scrolls in that wondrous way and there is something so special about it; i want to preorder and come back as soon as i can! :D Where will we go get our Monkey on launch? I saw the monkeys in the game, so it will be fun to have my own! :o)

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