How to Enter and Leave Cyrodiil?

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All PVP fights in Elder Scrolls Online take place in Cyrodiil. It is a place where three alliances are fighting against each other in Alliance War. Any player can participate in this war after reaching 10th level. You will even receive the invitation to help your alliance in the war. But how do you enter Cyrodiil?

The fastest way to enter Cyrodiil is to use your Character menu. Choose Alliance War tab and you will see a list of campaigns. To find out more about Campaigns read this guide: Campaigns in ESO. Each Campaign is an independent instance of Cyrodiil where limited number of players is fighting. You can enter either your home campaign or guest campaign.

Choose the campaign you want to enter and you will be allowed to take place in a queue. After your time to enter has come you will receive a notification telling you that you may enter a campaign. If you acknowledge you will be teleported to Cyrodiil right from the place where you are standing. The notification is active for limited time and if you miss it you will have to repeat all actions once again.

How do I leave Cyrodiil?

This question can sometimes be seen in public chat. People are asking this because it’s difficult to find a way to exit Cyrodiil. The first thing you need to understand is that fast travel system within Cyrodiil and fast travel system of the general map are not connected. When you fight in PvP you can fast travel from one keep to another using special “battle” wayshrines but you can’t travel to other provinces using them. That’s why many players are confused and have difficulties finding a way to travel to other locations.

All you need to leave is to visit the starting zone of your faction in Cyrodiil. Each starting zone has a normal wayshrine connected with wayshrines of other locations. You need to find this shrine and use it to teleport to the other zone. The map below shows the location of starting zones:

Wayshrines in Cyrodiil

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  1. Apple.Snowsong 20 march 2014, 20:14 # +1
    This is so helpful, and makes it so clear with the map and descriptions. Thank you! :)
    1. FaeLXVII 12 june 2015, 12:58 # 0
      actually this isn't super helpful… what they don't make clear is that you have to zoom super far out in order to see any locations other than Cyrodil… I figured everything out on my own, it wasn't until the button mashing and frustration from this site not answering me that made me rage squeeze my controller until I saw a world map by chance… «Leaving Cyridil» should definitely be one of the quick tutorials.
      1. scott.sam2002 12 july 2015, 10:05 # 0
        Where is the 'normal' wayshrine?
        1. scott.sam2002 12 july 2015, 10:07 # 0
          Don't worry I found it!!!

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