How to create beta account and redeem the key

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There are a lot of questions about how to create beta account for taking part in ESO Beta events. This guide will help you to do this just follow the instructions and everything will be OK.

NOTE: You can take part in closed Beta events only if you have Beta Key.
If you didn’t have it – this guide will not help you.

1) Go to your e-mail box and find an e-mail from ZeniMax. NOTE: you can skip this step if you received a key from your friend.
E-mail contains the most imporant information you need to create the account - the Key. There is also information about the day and time of the event. Many of the players think that the download link is also in the e-mail, but it is not there. You need to create an account first in order to get link.

2) Now you need to create account. Click “CREATE MY BETA ACCOUNT” link in the e-mail or just visit and you will see the form you need to fill. The process is easy and I don’t think that you will need a guide for this.

3) Once the account is created, log-in using your details. You will see dashboard where you can manage your ESO account.

4) Do you see the “Redeem Code” button on the right? Click it and you will see the form. Paste the Beta key you received from ZeniMax or from your friend in the form and click redeem.

Now you are allowed to participate in Beta.

5) Download Beta Client

The next step is downloading and installing Elder Scrolls Online. After you redeem the key you will see links that allow you to download ESO in your account. The picture below demonstrates where the links are.

Download Elder Scrolls Online

Hope this small guide will help you to create the account fast.


Sometimes there is a problem occurs: you redeem the key but the download link does not appear. You need to Redeem the code once again and the link will appear.

Comments ()

  1. Otavio Felipe 05 february 2014, 04:05 # 0
    In my when I try to redeem the key, which I'm not allowed!
    looks Feedback… You are not allowed to redeem this code. Please review our Privacy Policy.
    Help me please??
    1. Dubstep Blocks 05 february 2014, 17:56 # 0
      Did you wait the 72 hours when you singed up for beta? if you did and still didn't work try singing up again or try contacting them on twitter @elderscrollsonline
      make shure they have the little blue check-mark
      1. Travis Jones 05 march 2014, 08:57 # 0
        MAC USERS — check your LAUNCH PAD.
    2. Jackson Daias 05 february 2014, 08:11 # 0
      When I try to make a beta account it says «We're sorry but you cannot access this site. Please review our Privacy Policy.» when I click «Create Account.» Please help I really want to test it.
      1. Troy Wright 05 february 2014, 08:58 # 0
        I am getting the same error as the two above. ;w; :(
        1. Callum Scanlon 05 february 2014, 09:21 # 0
          I get the same message over and over again invalid code.
          1. Ryan Wentworth 10 february 2014, 05:02 # 0
            same i have an official beta code and it still says its invalid!!! thanks so much bethesda real helpfull
          2. Jakey Jameson 05 february 2014, 15:52 # 0
            zenimax HELP! I try to redeem my key and it tells me its an invalid code, WTF how could it be invalid if you sent it to me? Please try to fix the bug before the next stress test
            1. Tamara Venegaz 05 february 2014, 17:57 # 0
              I am having the same issue. Invalid? I could cry, it is a large download and I don't want to waste time on Friday. Cmon Zen let's go, get it together pleaseeeeee.
              1. ShinobiTarzan 05 february 2014, 21:14 # 0
                I guess you have to wait till Friday to redeem it which sucks. It worked fine for my friend though for some reason.
                1. Crash Karl 05 february 2014, 23:31 # 0
                  You are not allowed to redeem this code. Please review our Privacy Policy.

                  I'm getting this error too. Is there a fix? I really want to try out the beta on Friday!
                  1. Michelle Wong 06 february 2014, 00:29 # 0
                    I kept having this Saving billing address failed error, cant even DL the beta! So disappointing!!!..
                    1. James Hemmett 06 february 2014, 04:05 # 0
                      Ok… I think the first step of the stress test ,about user registration, just failed.
                      1. Lance McVey 06 february 2014, 07:01 # 0
                        It just says invalid code when I try to enter mine. Anybody know what the deal is yet?
                        1. Zhehua Alexander Zhong 06 february 2014, 10:48 # 0
                          Help me, I try to Download the Beta Version of ESO on PC Client but it always shows up it is unable to download manifest and error 210. I can only download PST Version, an what is PST anyway?
                          1. Tyler Edwards 06 february 2014, 13:39 # 0
                            I cant find the redeem code button
                            1. Ambuaz 06 february 2014, 13:50 # 0
                              Did you look at the picture in the article? The Redeem Code button is inside a red circle. I don't know how to show this better…
                            2. Griffin White 06 february 2014, 20:25 # 0
                              It just gives me am «Invalid Code» message when I enter it. Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

                              I created an account on the ESO site and copy/pasted the code directly from the email…
                              1. Spencer Barney 07 february 2014, 00:44 # 0
                                so everything is working when i got the download it said Install_ESO_Beta.dmg so i clicked on it and it made this box icon with like a yellow cude coming out of it i click that and it said software installed and i looked everywhere iand its not there WTF someone PLEASE get back to me it took me forever to get the invite and THIS IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!!
                                1. Chris Gregory 07 february 2014, 03:38 # 0
                                  Help! I can't sign up! Whenever I try to go to it redirects me to

                                  I can't figure out how to get around it, it does it in all browsers. Do I have a virus or something?
                                  1. Ambuaz 07 february 2014, 06:55 # 0
                                    I don't know why this happens. It works fine for me. When I visit your first link I see the registration form… Maybe you have a virus. Try to sign up from other computer or scan your PC wit an antivirus software. I can recommend you this amazing tool: Works really good for such task, does not require installation and it's free.
                                  2. Reed Sowell 07 february 2014, 04:36 # 0
                                    I am having the very same issue. I created a beta account after receiving my beta key. When I try to redeem it, it simply says «You are not allowed to redeem this code. Please review our Privacy Policy.»

                                    Could someone please respond this issue?
                                    1. mitsakos38 07 february 2014, 13:25 # 0
                                      same problem You are not allowed to redeem this code. Please review our Privacy Policy.
                                      1. On Ydob 07 february 2014, 15:34 # 0
                                        Do you have to use the name used (first name and last name) for when you signed up for beta and the same email address in order to use as your eso account?

                                        Or can you make a completely new one with a different email address and set that to use in order for the beta key that I received to work?? Because I keep getting invalid code, even thought I double checked the sender information from my email, and it is indeed the correct email address.

                                        Please help!
                                        1. Peter Mayer 07 february 2014, 20:22 # 0
                                          I had the same problem, however I just switched to internet explorer and filled out the form and it worked fine. I know it's anathema these days to use IE, but hey, in this case it solved a problem!
                                          1. Katelin Champion 08 february 2014, 20:52 # 0
                                            Okay well I redeemed my code and downloaded the Mac client, but now I can't FIND the Mac client on my computer to download the game. It just says it's going to download to my HD but I don't know where. I've searched for programs with «ESO» in the title and «Elder Scrolls» and nothing comes up but emails.
                                            1. Spencer Barney 09 february 2014, 01:14 # 0
                                              I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM
                                            2. Spencer Barney 09 february 2014, 01:22 # 0
                                              FOUND IT!!! it was in my launchpad
                                              1. Katelin Champion 09 february 2014, 19:07 # 0
                                                OH MY GOD THANK YOU
                                                1. Travis Jones 05 march 2014, 08:56 # 0
                                                  I could not find it either. The only way was in the launch pad. Thanks for that
                                              2. Marvin Perkins 09 february 2014, 13:24 # 0
                                                I keep getting the invalid code message.
                                                1. Johannes Meyer 10 february 2014, 00:09 # 0
                                                  I was able to redeem my code, started the download client (mac), had to leave my computer so I paused it at about 25%. Came back, unpaused, and it started over :(.

                                                  Anyone else having problems with the download?
                                                  1. Roelof Jansen 20 february 2014, 12:34 # 0
                                                    is it still possible to get a beta key and play the beta?

                                                    and another question mabye off toppic,

                                                    is the rumors true that when it comes out they are going to charge money to play online? ( like world of warcraft ) cause it sucks heavy if u paying for your internet @ home and then for example xbox live and then again paying to play the game every month or every 3 months ect ect…
                                                    1. Ambuaz 20 february 2014, 13:05 # 0
                                                      Answering your first question: yes, it’s possible. You need to sign up here and wait for invitation

                                                      Answering your second question: it is not rumors, ESO will be subscription based (like WOW).
                                                    2. Charlie Dorman 22 february 2014, 19:28 # 0
                                                      Is elder scrolls online beta coming out on xbox one
                                                      1. Tamás Kinczel 25 february 2014, 20:25 # 0
                                                        Please send a message for my when the invitations are sent.
                                                        1. Ambuaz 26 february 2014, 05:40 # 0
                                                          New wave of invitations was sent yesterday.
                                                        2. Benjamin Peschier 26 february 2014, 22:08 # 0
                                                          I have been given a key to acces the beta, but where do I go from here?
                                                          1. Ambuaz 27 february 2014, 06:16 # 0
                                                            Read this article again. Everything is described pretty clear.
                                                            1. Matheus ̶F̶e̶r̶r̶a̶z̶ 01 march 2014, 15:47 # 0
                                                              not have place to paste redeen code i read 10 times but the place not appears :(
                                                          2. Ivan Milentijevic 27 february 2014, 07:43 # 0
                                                            I can not find a beta key
                                                            1. Ambuaz 27 february 2014, 07:46 # 0
                                                              Where are you looking for it? The key should be in the invitation you received from ZeniMax or from your friend (if he has extra key to share with you).
                                                              1. Ivan Milentijevic 27 february 2014, 07:49 # 0
                                                                I did not get an invitation from ZeniMax…
                                                                1. Ivan Milentijevic 27 february 2014, 07:51 # 0
                                                                  Please tell me where it is?
                                                                  1. Ambuaz 27 february 2014, 08:06 # 0
                                                                    This article should help: New wave of Beta invites — Free Keys. Pay attention to «Still don't have invitation?» section there.
                                                            2. Skylar Stephens 27 february 2014, 10:19 # 0
                                                              My Beta Key keeps giving me a message saying «Invalid Code». I received it from an official email. Is the code invalid until my specified beta testing time?
                                                              1. Ambuaz 27 february 2014, 11:12 # 0
                                                                No, the code should be valid any time you want to enter it. Try to get one more code from giveway promotion. Details here
                                                              2. Josh Hafele 27 february 2014, 20:39 # 0
                                                                Once I download the Mac Client, how do I actually download the game? The only thing in the installer is the pkg. file, I'd like to get this downloaded before Friday…
                                                                1. Dylan Ray 28 february 2014, 01:09 # 0
                                                                  somebody give me my key please someone
                                                                  1. Lacy London 28 february 2014, 01:41 # 0
                                                                    I cant find where to download it >,<
                                                                    1. Tavin Nolder 28 february 2014, 05:47 # 0
                                                                      You are not allowed to redeem this code. Please review our Privacy Policy.

                                                                      Please help!!!
                                                                      1. Conner Kenway 01 march 2014, 01:51 # 0
                                                                        i have put in my code, and it still says redeem code but it underneath purchased games, it shows that i have put in my code succesfully but i cant download the clients and when i try to put in the code again like you said it says invalid code. HELP!!!
                                                                        1. Dimitar Kyosev 01 march 2014, 02:14 # 0
                                                                          where can i get a redeem code?
                                                                          1. Crymeariiver 01 march 2014, 18:01 # 0
                                                                            whenever i click on it just says access denied...can somebody help?
                                                                            1. Mj Presco 02 march 2014, 16:21 # 0
                                                                              Hi! Guys..

                                                                              * if you did make an account without the beta key it means you cant see the download button.
                                                                              * if you did make an account and possible you did have a beta key please copy and paste it to the given pop up when you make an account.
                                                                              * if the key you put didn't make the download button appear then your beta key is fake or had been used.

                                                                              ╚> if you already used a given key that works and i'l assume that the download button appeared then click for PC or MAC.
                                                                              ▌try to wait the patcher would be a 50mb file.
                                                                              ▌the click the file after finished download to instal
                                                                              ▌if it didnt work or corrupted or error patcher then try again to download the patcher.
                                                                              ▌then buff'' its done try to install everything that the installer recommend if you didn't have it.
                                                                              and i'l presume that you did read the Requirements for PC and MAC if its compatible.

                                                                              ╚> read every latest updates that will lead you to your beta tester key! :D cheers!!!

                                                                              mj. hope i help! allergic maiden is <3
                                                                              1. Adi 05 march 2014, 23:25 # +1
                                                                                Hey I have a question, I got the key today, for open beta and I wonder is that key for just one beta testing? or when you got the key you can play on every beta. And, if it is for only one beta testing, is that the key to acces only specific beta in the specific time or you can play the beta one weekend when you want and then ask for a new key?
                                                                                1. Ambuaz 06 march 2014, 06:41 # 0
                                                                                  You got the key for open beta? ESO team didn't announce any beta event. Can you send a screenshot of the e-mail you received to (you can delete the key on the screenshot). I am admin of this fansite and I would like to know latest Beta news :)

                                                                                  Beta key allows to participate in all betas. Each event takes place in a specific date and time. Thats why you can't play Beta every day. Usually all events take place in weekends.
                                                                                  1. Adi 06 march 2014, 09:34 # 0
                                                                                    I got the key for the last beta but didn't play because I had no time. I even didn't redeem the key untill yesterday. That's why I wonder if I can play in the next beta, if there will be beta testing. And hey, Thanks for help! :D It is a relief to know that I can play on the next beta event :))
                                                                                2. MasterAlduin 11 march 2014, 19:20 # 0
                                                                                  HELP NEEDED.

                                                                                  I won a beta key from an IG contest and it was only good until last Sunday or something like that. Am I still allowed to redeem it, and if so, I got an error message saying I'm not allowed to enter the code and to review the Privacy Policy.

                                                                                  I also just signed up today. So I didn't know if that effected anything. Thanks.
                                                                                  1. ImStarzhq Trickshoting 15 march 2014, 06:30 # 0
                                                                                    when i try to redeem my code it tell me it failed saving my billing adress?? what do i do
                                                                                    1. Juan Alonso 28 april 2014, 21:45 # 0
                                                                                      i got a beta key yesterday and it works, i downloaded the game but when i want to sign up it says «login error your login information was incorrect. Please try again» what do i do?
                                                                                      1. Ambuaz 29 april 2014, 07:03 # 0
                                                                                        It looks like there is no beta session right now… Try to log in when the session is opened.
                                                                                      2. Aleksandar Radovanovic 06 may 2014, 00:14 # 0
                                                                                        1. Ambuaz 06 may 2014, 06:06 # 0
                                                                                          We are fansite. Why are you trying to redeem the code at a fansite? We can't provide you with code. Go to official website and try to redeem code in your account there.
                                                                                        2. sunny tse 24 may 2014, 04:11 # 0
                                                                                          can some1 send me redeem code?


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