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Finally ZeniMax Online have published a video demonstration of group PvE in the world of ESO. Many fans think that it is the best gameplay demonstration so far. The video is in High Quality and I recommend you to watch it in 1080p.

The first thing I noticed was good looking graphics. It’s not too realistic and personally I like it. The world looks juicy and the colors real. Visually it’s looking as attractive as we would expect.

Dark Anchor Encounter

The greatest part of the video the is Dark Anchor encounter. You can see 6 NPCs are performing a strange ritual and something evil is happening. Yes, they have summoned a Dark Anchor and now it must be destroyed. In order to destroy it, you need to kill the army of Daedric defenders. Nick Konkle warns that such an encounter is not easy to win if you are alone and it’s better to have couple of allies for such a battle.

Later you will see that it’s almost impossible to afford such a task alone. A group of 4 players had difficulties and even suffered casualties a few times.

The group in the video consists of 4 players: 3 with staffs and 1 with a bow. You may be surprised that there is no true tank in their group. You will not see a guy with a sword and shield or at least with swords.

Nick is a Templar with bow. He starts the fight with a small one shot demonstration. He shows how to kill an NPC with one shot. You need to sneak and perform a heavy attack by holding left mouse button. Nick's arrow hits the target and instantly kills it. So it’s possible to kill an NPC with one shot from stealth. After Nick kills the first enemy the great battle begins. Monsters appear again and again, and the boss appears in end of the fight.

I guess that this video is not only group PvE demonstration. It also demonstrates a lot of different visual effects. There is magic everywhere. Sometimes it’s difficult to see who is doing what because of many AoE effects. But the video is great in general. It shows a lot of things the fans wanted to see.

Gameplay Information from the video

Fast Travel: you can teleport from any place to a wayshrine you have already discovered. You can also teleport to a member of your group and you will appear near that member. If he is in battle you will appear in the nearest safe place (nearest wayshrine). As Paul Sage said, the idea of the fast travel system is to allow you to move to certain locations as fast as possible.

World Events Notifications: somewhere in the first part of the encounter you can see a pop-up notification: “(Bloodthorn) Gummie of Ebonhear Pact has secured Elder Scroll of Altadoon at Farragut Keep. “ Such pop-up notifications appear when something global happens. For example when an alliance takes a keep or when an Elder Scroll is stolen.

Mana Potions and Health Potions have cooldown. It’s impossible just to drink magicka potion again and again. The cooldown time is about 30 seconds, so you need to take in into account.

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