ESO Game Time Pricing and Discounts

By: Ambuaz in: ESO News and Updates

ZeniMax Online Studios have revealed official pricing and discounts a player receives for purchasing multiple months of game time. You know that Elder Scrolls Online is subscription based game and a player needs to purchase game time to be able to play. If you pay month by month you will have to spend $14.99 per 30 days but if you purchase several months at a time the cost of 1 month will be lower.

ESO offers 3 game time packages: 30 days, 90 days and 180 days. Prices are in the list below:

30 days 90 days 180 days
Cost of 30 days $14.99 $13.99 $12.99
Total Cost $14.99 $41.97 $77.94
You save (compared to monthly payments) $3 $12

The discount is not as big as some of you guys might expect. If you buy 180 days you save $12 compared to months by months payments. Purchasing 90 days plan will save you $3. Discounts in the table above are equal for all currencies, meaning that you will save 12 USD, Pounds or Euros for 180 days plan.

Currency 30-day 90-day 180-day
USD $14.99 $13.99 / 30 days $12.99 / 30 days
Euro €12.99 €11.99 / 30 days €10.99 / 30 days
GBP €8.99 £7.99 / 30 days £6.99 / 30 days

NOTE: Only 30 day, 90 day and 180 day packages are available so far. It is impossible to buy 60 days or 120 days.

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    1. X 27 march 2014, 12:10 # 0
      Looks nice,

      personally i enjoy taking yearly subs, but 2x 6 months is fine too.
      1. MRizk 28 march 2014, 09:22 # +2
        Prices are unfortunately as expensive as World of Warcraft. Since I play World of Warcraft and also pay it subscription I had to do my best to save as much as possible so I went for the US copy although I do not live in the US, just to take advantage of the 2 EUR cheaper US subscription.

        Yes, its cheaper. 14.99 USD = 10.90 EUR on the 28th of March 2014. While the monthly European subscription costs 12.99 EUR
        1. Roger Federer 28 march 2014, 21:34 # 0
          Since you purchased the US copy will you have to play on US servers? Or will you still be able to play on the EU servers?
          1. MRizk 28 march 2014, 22:01 # 0
            Regardless of your game license, or region you can freely select which megaserver to play on. EU or US.

            You should select the better latency megaserver with your connection. Unfortunately you will not be able to test that as of day one as ESO team said at launch the EU Megaserver will not be really EU as it will be hosted temporary in US till ESO team makes sure the game is stable with no bugs.
          2. Joanna 30 march 2014, 09:12 # 0
            Exactly, why the EU players always have to pay more? There is the same issue on Steam, with Minecraft and with every MMO.
          3. Apple.Snowsong 30 march 2014, 04:56 # 0
            ESO FRIENDS, if U want to get in on the Pre-Order of ESO in time, there is a 14% discount weekend sale G2A that may interest you! It includes the Explorer Pack if you pre-order!
            1. Sean McDermott 30 march 2014, 05:38 # 0
              My friend and I were talking about getting this MMO we really want to get it but with the monthly payments we don't think we can pay every month or months depending on how much months we get. I hope that they can lower the price of the monthly payments if it is not to late for that, I paid monthly for WOW but it became to much and I couldn't pay for it any more so I stop playing WOW it was fun playing a big MMO and I don't want the same thing to happen to me when I am playing this MMO too.

              If anyone know anything about the payment if they changed keep me updated
              1. Apple.Snowsong 30 march 2014, 16:36 # 0
                Hi Sean, these are good questions. As a student i am on a tight budget right now too, but we all get the first month of ESO free with our game purchase! If you get the pre-order ESO Game and get to start early before the 4.4.14 official launch date, your first free month (30 days free) does not even start counting out of those free 30 days until 4.4.14, so U are getting that early play time (up to 5 days before launch) extra free too! :)
              2. Graham Tobin 26 april 2014, 16:51 # 0
                There are 60 days game cards bought from shops at a slight discount. €21.99 euro. Its 11 euro a month. Not bad. I got it as an option when i picked up the collectors edition. It gives me 90 days (with the free 30) to see the bugs ironed out… but after 21 days live now since official launch i really like it. Will go credit card after this runs out. Enjoy your ESO time.

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