NDA Has Been Lifted

By: Ambuaz in: ESO News and Updates

Finally the Non-Disclosure Agreement has been lifted and now everyone can talk and discuss ESO Beta experience. And it’s not only about future events. You can discuss everything.

On my opinion that shows that developers are almost ready to launch the game. I am sure that next Beta event will be awesome and almost bug free. Everybody is able to stream the game or record gameplay to upload to YouTube and I doubt that ZeniMax would allow doing this if the game was not ready.

What that means for testers?

Testers are free to talk about the game, discuss, make screenshots, videos and demonstrate the game to the whole world :)

Why now?

I think that they decided to lift NDA because too many players were playing Beta and Non-Disclosure Agreement restricted players too much. There was a situation when haters could talk about the game without any feat of being banned and those who like the game had to keep silence. The number of beta testers grew and the number of game lovers and haters also grew up. But now everyone can share his experience.

The second reason to remove NDA is that the game is almost finished. I took part in the last Beta event and I saw the game myself. I personally like it and I was also satisfied that I saw only several bugs there. All the troubles with long queues were temporary and were solved. I believe next beta test will be amazing (ZeniMax confirmed that it will be soon). So be ready guys! You will see a lot of videos and reviews.

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    1. Jos van Iersel 02 april 2014, 20:54 # 0
      I want some clarification.
      I have the live game, End user license agreement in front of me.
      It says under 4. Limitations and Resrictions.
      Beginning with the last sentence,
      <You will agree that you will not assist any other person, under any circumstances:
      A. in whole or in part, distribute, publicly perform of display, sell, trasmit, publish, edit, reproduce, sublicense, rent, lease, loan or otherwise transfer the Game, any related software or content, including without limitation any access keys;>

      If I summarise it, it says, <you will not display content.>
      Does that mean I can't put game play on youtube?
      What about monetizing it?

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