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By: Ambuaz in: ESO News and Updates

The last couple of weeks have been silent, with no interesting updates or materials about ESO after the release of the interactive map. But I felt that developers were preparing something big to show us. And I was right, the latest updates have been great. There are many new facts about the game in these latest publications. This article explores the most important developments that were shared.

First of all, it seems the progression system is finished. The developers created a video and a topic on the official site, which shows how it works and explains why they decided to create such a system. For me it means that the system is finished in general and we will hardly see any important changes. If you had hopes to see a strict class or no-class system in ESO – forget about it. Now, the most important task of the developers is to test and balance it to make it playable, as well as fair.

Tradeskill – New skill path


We can now see the skill line called “Tradeskill” that can be seen in the video and on the screenshots. This seems to fall in the same category as the other skills, however, unlike them it is only possible to reach the maximum for 2 trade skills. This skill line is absolutely new, and we don’t know exactly what it holds in store but it’s exciting as a crafting system is crucial to the games success. We expect to find out more about Tradeskill line in future videos.

Extra skill points

Developers have confirmed that a player will be able to master most of the skills that he can access. It will take a lot of time but it is possible. Players can receive extra skill points from doing quests along the main quest line and from harnessing Skyshards. Skyshards will become a very important source of skill points after the maximum level is reached and players will have to fight for them. Everyone wants to get a free skill point :)

Developers also confirmed that you can advance in a definite skill not only by using it in battle. Some books can teach you a new rank in a specific skill line. This mechanism is similar to what we’re used to in Skyrim and other TES games, where books aren’t just for lore but also reward you. You need to search for books within Tamriel and some of them will increase your mastery.


Health, magicka and stamina

Attributes influence your general characteristics. There are three main Attributes: Magicka, Health and Stamina. How you spend your attribute points greatly affects your playing style, as regardless of your class, if you truly wanted to be a mage you could equip light armor, a staff and invest your points in Magicka. There are also characteristics that depend on your Attributes and on your gear: Magicka Recovery, Health Recovery, Stamina Recovery, Spell Damage, Spell Critical, Spell Resistance, Weapon Damage, Weapon Critical and Armor. Image on the right shows how Attributes look in the game. As you see the tab is rather informative.

Khajiit Racial skills

Khajiit racial skills were revealed. You can see the full list below. The skills were also added to our Database. You can see them at the Khajiit’s page.

Skill Type Effect
Medium Armor Expertise Passive Medium Armor specialization. Increase XP gain with medium armor skill line.
Robust Passive Khajiits have increased health regeneration in battle.
Stealthy Passive Increase stealth radius by 1 meter.
Carnage Passive Increase critical rating for melee attacks by 10 and damage done by successful critical hits by 5%

Skills Changes

One thing I noticed is that developers removed Ultimate racial abilities. In the QuakeCon video demonstration we can see an Ultimate ability in the Racial skills. But the new Progression video shows that there is no Ultimate Ability there. In my opinion it’s a good idea because Ultimate Abilities of class skills, armor and weapon skills are much better to use. Each of these lines have passive abilities that increase the strength of all skills, including Ultimate. Moreover, all Ultimate skills from these lines work great with other spells of the specific tree. Which makes me think, is there any reason for a player to take a Racial Ultimate without any improvements instead of, for example, a class Ultimate that can be used with better efficiency? I think not. That’s why I agree with the removing of Racial Ultimate skills.

We can also see in the video that Passive abilities now have 3 ranks. It seems it will be possible to advance in Passive abilities as you level up your character. I like passives a lot as they really aid in gameplay, and it is a great idea to allow players to improve their passives like they do with their active abilities as it aids in character progression.

As you can see, there is a lot of new information about ESO in the latest materials. We have also corrected the information in our Database, so take a look. We have also updated many icons of the skills to provide you with the best ESO database. So keep checking in to for the latest ESO new and updates.

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    1. Nick Green 16 march 2014, 06:20 # 0
      «Developers have confirmed that a player will be able to master all the skills that he can access.» is not true.

      I submitted a ticket about this and got the following response.

      «There will be a lot of ways to receive skill points in the game, but even with quests, level ups, skyshards, and a few others, you will not be able to get every single ability in the game at launch. We do have shrines to reset your skills should you make a decision that you regret along the way.»

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