Heavy Armor Concept Art - Redguard, Bosmer, Dunmer

By: Ambuaz in: ESO News and Updates

While the game is under development, more and more interesting information is coming out. Today we want to speak about new concept art that shows possible style of heavy armor. The picture below was created by ESO team and published at the official website.

Racial Heavy Armor of Redguards, Wood Elves and Dark Elves

If you look at the image you can see three characters. They belong to different races and different factions. We can see Redguard from Daggerfall Covenant, Bosmer from Aldmeri Dominion and Dunmer from Ebonheart Pact. All characters are holding different weapon but wear the same type of armor – heavy.

The image does not tell us the name of each set, so let’s try to find out names independently. I have three general variants:

  • The first guess is: the picture shows racial sets. As you probably know there will be special racial armor in Elder Scrolls Online. I think that this picture may show racial armor. Why not?
  • The second guess: it can be craftable heavy armor sets. Let’s remember crafting in Skyrim and try to make an assumption. It looks like Redguard wears Steel Set, Wood Elf - Dwarven Set (I am not sure) and Dark Elf – Daedric Set. It is only a guess but it seems that the assumption may be correct.
  • The third guess is the combination of two previous variants - craftable racial armor. One of the interviews with developers told us that it will be possible to craft racial armor / weapon and each set will have unique appearance. That means the picture may show Racial Armor of Redguards, Wood Elves and Dark Elves. I think this variant looks much better than other two. What do you think guys? You can suggest your variants in comments.

I also assume that this picture shows not only future armor but also weapon. I think that we will also see the weapon from the picture in the game. It seems that the weapon belongs to the same category as the armor: Dunmer holds Daedric sword and Daedric shield, Redguard – Steel mace and Steel sword.

In general all sets look great but I like the right one. Anyway I will be happy to put on one of these sets in the game. Hope there will not be big differences between these models and in-game sets.

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