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By: Ambuaz in: ESO News and Updates

Hello guys! About a month ago I was browsing the site and I noticed several unpleasant things. First of all the site didn’t look like Elder Scrolls Online fansite. The second thing was static homepage that did not show any website changes. It was impossible to track new changes and updates at the website.

I spent several weeks building new layout and now you can see everything yourself. The changes were applied very fast without closing the site. If you have any troubles and you can’t see new design - try to refresh the page several times (you can use “F5” key for that).

Update Notes

First of all I decided not to change general concept. I decided to keep the general design light. Though a lot of ESO fansites have dark layouts, I think that light color scheme is more readable. Maybe I will change my opinion in future but current version is light.

Now more about updates:

1 is now looking as ESO fansite.

The design is fully reworked. Old layout was also good, but something was wrong with it. It did not give visitors any ESO feeling. Current layout is using ESO color scheme as I see it. I spent a lot of time trying different color schemes and I think current version is much closer to ESO colors. Anyway I don’t think that it is the final version. I will continue searching for new combination but I will use this new style as a basis.

2 Homepage is user friendly now

The homepage is working as it should. Now you can visit the homepage in order to see latest news and updates. There are three sections where you can track website updates.

  • The left section shows new database pages.
  • The middle section shows latest news
  • The right section shows activity of all members.

Moreover, the homepage is looking much better now. There were a lot of hours spent for creating all these menus from scratch. What do you think about the new homepage?

What’s next?

Well, we have a lot of plans. First of all there will be many new community features. We are preparing a huge update… Stop. If I tell you everything it will not be a surprise. Stay with us guys, we are making all the best to make the site awesome!

P.S. Please, tell all your thoughts about new theme in comments below. We need your opinion in order to know whether our direction is correct.

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    1. Apple.Snowsong 20 february 2014, 19:19 # +1
      The theme looks really nice. Great job.

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