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Hello Guys! As you know ESO is subscription based game meaning you need to pay subscription fee in order to play. Not all players like this model, but it is the only possible way to play Elder Scrolls Online. Developers know about how the community treats subscription model and they decided to support those who stay subscribed for long time with different in-game rewards. Welcome: Subscription Loyalty Program is starting soon!

The core idea of the Loyalty Program is: the more you stay subscribed the better rewards you receive. Loyal game fans will get the best rewards.

When will the program start?
Loyalty Program starts in September.

Eligible Accounts
You can benefit from this program if you have been subscribed for 3 months or more (excluding game time included with your purchase of ESO and any additional complimentary game time).

The subscription plan you use doesn’t affect the rewards. You can pay every month or purchase 90 or 180 days subscription plan. You just need to stay subscribed for at least 3 months in total.


The reward depends on the time you stay subscribed.

  • The smallest reward can be received for 3 months of subscription - High Hrothgar Wraith vanity pet.
  • The next reward will be given for 6 months of subscription – the prize is not announced yet.

The loyalty program will keep expanding over time. The more you stay subscribed the better rewards and prizes you receive.

If you are playing ESO since the release date you will get the first tier reward after the program launches in September. As you know the game comes with 1 month of free game time, so 3 months of subscription finish in August. If you have been playing ESO since the release date you will get the reward.

If you don’t have active subscription you can get the rewards anyway. All you need is to meet the requirements of the Loyalty Program. You can contact ESO customers support in order to find out more about this.

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