Armor Sets, Changing Character's Appearance

By: Ambuaz in: ESO News and Updates

New Tamriel Chronicle issue told some interesting information about Elder Scrolls Online. Here is a brief review of the issue.

New information about Armor

As you probably know there will be racial armor and weapon in ESO. Each race has its own unique set and it will be possible to put on sets of other races. Will the appearance of each set stay the same during the whole game? No. Armor and weapon will progress in looks as you level up your character. That means Redguardian armor at the 10th level will look different from the same racial set at 50th level.

Racial Heavy Armor of Redguards, Wood Elves and Dark Elves

The higher you climb the better the set looks. It is great to see that your in game progress affects your character’s appearance. High level characters should look like respectable fighters. I don’t think that appearance will level up automatically. I think there will be intervals, for example Redguardian set for 29th level, 39th level and so on… I am sure that a player will have to collect new set after he will pass specific level.

There will be different armor types in Elder Scrolls Online: heavy, medium and light. You can combine different pieces of any armor type as you wish. For example you can put on heavy gloves and leather boots. But on my opinion it is not the best idea. Each armor type has its independent skill tree. The more pieces of a particular armor you wear, the faster you progress in armor skills for that type of armor. The other reason to focus on one armor type is set bonuses. If you wearing full heavy set you receive extra protection for that.

On the other hand combining different armor types is also possible. This will give you several different bonuses. Of course each of these bonuses will not be as strong as bonus for the full set, but overall effect can also satisfy you. Everything depends on your general playing style.

Developers also mentioned that there will be wide variety of armor in ESO. There will be many different sets and I am sure there will be special armor for Thieves Guild, Fighters Guild, Mages Guild and Dark brotherhood members. There will also be Imperial Armor, Nightingale set and a lot of other sets for you to discover. That’s great. ESO will have very good character customization system.

Changing Appearance

Developers also announced that there will be special artifacts and spells that can change your appearance. This can be a great feature for RP gamers and for those who like to have fun. On my opinion it is a great feature that can be used even in quests. For example you receive a quest that tells you to go into enemy camp and steal important documents there. You can kill all the enemies or you can find special mask that can transform you into camp guard. Such variety would make quests in Elder Scrolls Online more interesting.

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