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By: Ambuaz in: ESO News and Updates

If you are familiar with other online games you probably know what in-game Emotes mean. Emote is a special text command that you can type in a chat. The command usually starts with slash and describes the action your character should perform. For example /dance will make your character dance. /hello will make your character to wave the hand and greet someone. Emotes are very important for roleplayers and other gamers who like to have fun and interact with others.

As any other MMO game Elder Scrolls Online will have different character emotes. The table of emotes is shown below. It is not the complete list but I believe it is a huge part of all in game emotes.

/angry /dance /hello /pray /stop
/annoyed /dancedrunk /honor /preen /stretch
/applaud /disapprove /huh /push /surprised
/approve /disgust /humble /pushup /surrender
/armscrossed /dishonor /impatient /pushups /tap
/beckon /dismiss /jumpingjacks /rally /taunt
/beg /doom /kiss /ritual /thank
/beggar /downcast /kneel /rubhands /thanks
/bestowblessing /drink     /drink2 /kneelpray /rude /thankyou
/bless /drum /knock /saluteloop /threaten
/blowkiss /drunk /kowtow /saluteloop2 /thumbsdown
/boo /dustoff /laugh /scared /thumbsup
/bored /eat /leanback /scratch /tilt
/bow /exasperated /leanside /search /torch
/breathless /facepalm /leaveme /shakefist /touch
/brushoff /faint /lol /shh /wagfinger
/bucketsplash /fistpump /lute /shieldeyes /wand
/celebrate /flirt /me /shout /wave
/cheer /flute /no /shovel /welcome
/clap /followme /nod /shrug /whisper
/cold /goaway /overhere /sick /whistle
/come /grats /payme /sigh /write
/comehere /greet /phew /sit /yawn
/confused /hail /playdead /sit2 /yes
/congrats /hammer /point /sit3 /you
/congratulate /hammerlow /pointback /sit4
/controlrod /hammerwall /pointdown /sit5
/cower /handsonhips /pointleft /sit6
/crouch /handtoheart /pointright /sitchair
/cry /headache /pointup /situps
/cuckoo /headscratch /poke /sleep
/curtsey /heartbroken /pour /stagger

You have a chance to add your own emote to the list. ESO dev team is performing an interesting contest with great prizes. All you need is to create a short video that describes your emote in details. It is prohibited to use emotes from the list. Your offer must be unique. The contest will be finished on the 27th of September at 11:59PM EDT and the winner will be announced on the 11th of October. To find out more about the contest rules and prizes read official ESO website.

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    1. Jack McArdle 10 march 2014, 22:20 # 0
      which one is the war horn?
      1. mezerX 21 march 2014, 13:20 # -1
        Emotes i would love to see: /gangnamstyle, /kungfu or /ninja or something that jumps and kicks, /levitate, /harlemshake, /sing, faster /drum play, /matrix, /fireworks, /flameburning, /freeze, [/dnd, /afk, /busy (icon above its head)], /muscleflex for men only, /crosslegs with hands behind her back for women only, /raisethefloor, /whiteflag, /alliflag (wave the alliance flag), /smoke a cigarette while sitting
        1. Montgomery Hydewel 11 april 2015, 08:40 # +2
          There is a very, very, very, very good reason that these aren't in the game.
        2. Brian Wright 20 may 2014, 10:04 # 0
          Actually, for pointing it is now

          /pointb (back)
          /pointl (left)
          /pointr (right)
          /pointd (down)
          /pointu (up)

          The ones listed above no longer work.

          There's also

          1. Keg Wright 12 january 2015, 12:04 # +1
            As a massive amount of roleplayers agree, there needs to be:
            Sweetrolls for life!

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