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Elder Scrolls Online is a huge game! There are a lot of different things to do. You can travel, explore, complete missions, craft, entertaining with friends and do many other things. All the guides below will reveal many game secrets and will help you to become better ESO player!

Werewolf - Full Guide

If you played Skyrim, you should remember Companions. They were a group of fierce warriors who could transform into Werewolves to defeat their enemies. Elder Scrolls Online also gives you an opportunity to become a werew...

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Lockpicking Guide

In the Elder Scrolls Online game-world you will need to know how to lock-pick to enable you to open various treasure chests, some locked doors and other locked items you will come across in your adventures.

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How to Enter and Leave Cyrodiil?

Some players experience difficulties finding a way to enter and leave Cyrodiil. If you have never visited this PvP zone we recommend you to read this guide.

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Siege Weapons

Siege Weapons are very important in Alliance war. You can use the machines while taking or defending keeps or resources in Cyrodiil. You can buy siege equipment for alliance points or gold. Every PvP player must have at ...

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Mounts - Full Guide

It’s difficult to explore Tamriel without Mount. There will be only one type of mount when the game is released – horses. This guide will help you to get a horse and will tell you everything you need about mounts.

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How to Increase Inventory Space in ESO

Inventory space in ESO is limited. When you start playing you have only 50 slots but it is possible to expand it purchasing extra space from Bag Merchants. They can be found in big cities of Tamriel.

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Blacksmithing - Beginner’s Guide

Blacksmithing is one of several professions in ESO. It allows to create heavy armor and different weapon using steel and other materials. This guide will help you to understand Blacksmithing fast.

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ESO Addons

Elder Scrolls Online supports LUA Addons. You can download a lot of useful tools from this page. All add-ons are easy to install and use. They don’t only modify UI but also can help you while you play ESO.

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ESO Collector's Edition - The Imperial Edition (Unboxing!)

ESO Collector's Edition contains several digital and physical gifts that will make your gameplay amazing. Don't miss your chance to order the The Imperial Edition - only limited number of boxes is available.

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Campaigns in Elder Scrolls Online

Campaigns consist of different players, from different factions, who all fight in the same instance of Cyrodiil. Each campaign has it's own leaderboard and ongoing war for the ruby throne.

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How to create beta account and redeem the key

There are a lot of questions about how to create beta account for taking part in ESO Beta events. This guide will help you.

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Emperor - Full Guide

Being crowned Emperor is a hard road but the challenge is well worth it. You receive a lot of rewards: special skill line, armor set and ultimate powers. This guide explains exactly what makes an Emperor so powerful, and...

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Progression: Skills and Atributes

The progression system in ESO is very open ended. There is a huge number of choices and you can chose how to develop the character. You can master a lot of skills and talents.

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Elder Scrolls Online vs. Skyrim

Some people call ESO “Skyrim Online” but this is misleading. Two games have a lot of similar features but are very different. This article will help you to compare TES V Skyrim and Elder Scrolls Online.

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Elder Scrolls Online Game Time Card | Buy

Buy Elder Scrolls Online game time card, activate it and continue your adventures in Tamriel. There are different cards available: 1 month, 3 months and 6 month. You can even present it to your friend and make him happ...

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End Game Content - What to do after reaching 50th level?

So you have reached maximum level. What to do now? Elder Scrolls Online offers a lot of interesting end game content: dungeons, top level crafting, awesome PvP in Cyrodiil, interesting quests and many more.

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ESO Tooltips

ESO Tooltips allow you to use our tooltip on your own website, blog or forum.

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Alliance Points

The general PvP reward is Alliance Points. Every player can receive AP by taking part in War for Cyrodiil. You can spend the points for many different things.

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Alliance War

The continent is in conflict. Three alliances are fighting for the Ruby Throne in Cyrodiil. Goal of the war is simple – to defeat all enemies.

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Game Setting

Game setting is very interesting. Elder Scrolls Online takes place during the Second Era - thousand years before skyrim. It is time of great wars and conflicts.

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Elder Scrolls Online download link can be found into your Beta invitation. 20 GB of free space required.

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How to avoid BETA key scam?

Elder Scrolls Online Beta Key offers can be seen on different sites. It is scam. Only official ESO support can give you Beta access. Read this article to find out how to protect yourself from fraud.

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Inventory is a very important part of the game. Comfortable inventory allows to manage items fast and without difficulties.

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Forum signatures

If you want to tell other people that you are a fan of Elder Scrolls Online and you are waiting for the game you can use these images. They were created for using at forums and websites.

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Explaining PvP in ESO - Full Guide

Everyone likes to fight in the game. In TES Online battles are spectacular and interesting. There are special battlegrounds, castles and towers for sieges and many other interesting places for fighting.

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Mega Server

Mega Server is a new technology of “flexible” servers that allow to maintain the same amount of players in a particular area.

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Character creation and customization

Elder Scrolls Online allows deep customization of your character’s appearance. You can create new character with unique appearance.

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System Requirements

ESO does not require a very strong machine. The game engine allows to run it on a wide variety of systems. So you will have no difficulties. Xbox or other console version is not planned yet.

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Elder Scrolls Online Wiki

Elder Scrolls Online Wiki contains all the interesting information you need to know about the game. This Wiki will continue to be updated as soon as new facts become available.

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Beta Testing

Elder Scrolls Online is now going through it's pre release testing stages. Below we answer questions on how you can participate in BETA testing and what the requirements are for taking part.

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