ESO Tooltips

PAY ATTENTION: The Tooltips feature is disabled right now due to its low popularity. We recommend finding other website or database which provides this feature.

Tooltip is a new option that we offers to all website, blog and forum owners. We are the first and the only website that offers such option at this day. If your site is dedicated to ESO or has ESO related content you may want to use our tooltips on your site for better reading experience.

  1. Add this piece of HTML code in the <head> section of your page:

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

  2. That's all!

Now every link found on your site uses our tooltips. You don’t need to add any special link parameters. Use standard HTML tag:

<a href="">Blazing Shield</a>

And you will see the link with tooltip on your page. Example (hover please): Blazing Shield

The greatest thing is that you will not have to update any data in tooltips. Every time your visitors hover such link the script goes to and takes the most actual information. All works automatically.


We have tested the tooltip but it’s impossible to try it on all sites in the world. Please send your positive or negative feedback to Help us to make this tooltip better.

If you report an error or unusual behavior please, add the URL of the site where you tried to use the tooltip.

Advanced options

Custom Link Text

You are free to use any link text you wish. All you need is to change it into the link. [Your Text Here]

<a href="">[Your Text Here]</a>