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What is a game time card?

Elder Scrolls Online is Subscription based MMO. That means you need to pay for the game time on monthly basis. If your subscription period comes to an end you can continue playing by purchasing extra months of game time. There are different ways to do it. You can pay directly from your credit card in your ESO account or you can buy a Time Card that gives you a definite period of free gameplay upon activation.

There are different time periods available: 1 month, 3 months and 6 months. 1 month game time card provides you with 30 days of free gameplay once it is activated. 3 month game time card adds 90 days of free gameplay and so on. The larger the time period the cheaper the cost of 1 month is. If you are planning to play the game for a long time you should buy maximum available period to save money.

How to buy?

Click a banner above and you will be redirected to the shop where you can make an order.

How the card works?

Time Card has a secret code that must be entered in a special field at your personal profile at the official website of the game. Once it is entered player receives extra game time. The amount of extra time depends on the card. It is one of several ways to continue subscription.

To be honest this way is not the best to use for yourself. That’s because you need to purchase the card, then to wait for the code and activate it in your personal profile. It is much easier to continue your subscription by direct payments. But game time card can be a great gift for your friend. If you know that your friend plays ESO or TES games you can order the card and present it to him. It is a perfect gift that will make any MMO fan happy!

Note: do not tell the secret code to anybody if you do not want it to be stolen. Do not upload and do not share the pictures of the card if it is not used. Any person who knows the code can activate it for his own account. The code can be activated only once and becomes useless after the first activation so keep it in secret.

In order to activate the card you need to have Elder Scrolls Online game account.

Comments ()

  1. Niclas Norrgo 03 february 2014, 06:07 # 0
    So I need to pay game time, like world of worcraft to play??
    1. Ambuaz 08 february 2014, 19:14 # 0
      Yes, ESO is subscription based game.
      1. Andrey Suhorukov 13 february 2014, 07:01 # 0
        and irs realy fine. coz no donat- no pay2win.
      2. Marion James 04 march 2014, 02:43 # 0
        I cannot figure out how to purchase a time card… any help?
        1. Ambuaz 04 march 2014, 05:39 # 0
          Time cards are not available now because the game is not released.
        2. Nikita Varabei 23 march 2014, 23:04 # 0
          When it says you get 30 days of game time does that mean the time goes on wether you play or not or is the time only counted while you are playing. So like one day would be just that day, or 24 hours of in game time?
          1. Ambuaz 24 march 2014, 05:02 # 0
            Game Time in ESO is counted similar to game time in WoW. When you purchase ESO you got 1 calendar month (30 days) of free time. For example ESO launches on the 4th of April 2014 so I believe you can play for free until 4th of May 2014. After this date you will have to buy game time to access the game.
          2. TRINITY 26 march 2014, 14:40 # 0
            I'm from Philippines and this news disappointed me.
            I'm not really sure for the exact price though but the price for 1 month subscription is $14.99 = 675PHP in our country. That is really a lot of money. I hope Bethesda would learn from the mistakes of WoW, look how it is dying slowly, they also promised for new content every month, But all I saw was Expansion Packs giving you another time to spend up your wallet. Seriously, Who would want to pay for Pre-Order of ESO Imperial Edition = $99.00 with only 30 days of subscription and $14.99 for monthly basis? That would bring drought to my wallet. Lol.

            I hope they would make the price $10 or less. Regardless of price, This MMO is so epic it would totally bring down WoW.
            1. Elliot Schneider 03 april 2014, 23:49 # 0
              WoW really isn't dying. It's going downhill, but so many people still pay for it it won't be dying anytime soon.
              1. rni Pll 03 may 2014, 14:49 # 0
                death to WOW
            2. Hasan abbasi 31 march 2014, 16:57 # 0
              can i buy time card from psn?I do not have a credit card. Whether I can charge my my account and buy it?
              1. suprman81 04 april 2014, 01:46 # 0
                So do I need to buy more time to login to play? I have bought the imperial ed. but I cant login
                1. Ambuaz 04 april 2014, 05:44 # 0
                  Each buyer gets 1 months of free game time. So you can play for a month for free. After free period is over you need to purchase game time.
                  1. rni Pll 03 may 2014, 13:53 # 0
                    what you are saying is a lie Ambuaz this free time is only available if you buy minimal 30 days game card or use credit card or pay pal and I dont have credit card or pay pal and the Time Cards are not available in Iceland so I was buying a game whit «free» 30 days that I cant use what can you tell me now?
                    1. Ambuaz 03 may 2014, 15:10 # 0
                      Every NEW player who buys the game itself gets 30 days of game time.
                      1. rni Pll 03 may 2014, 15:44 # 0
                        then why cant I play the game it self for 30 day whit out making a pay plan? I cant log in can you help me whit that? Ambuaz?
                        1. Ambuaz 03 may 2014, 15:52 # 0
                          I think you should contact official support staff and ask your question to them. But I am sure that every new buyer gets 30 days for free. Check here:

                          30 days of game time included
                          1. Giovanni Mattarollo 03 june 2014, 14:21 # 0
                            It happen the same here, my girlfriend brought me the game standard version, I put the codes in my account and in there it can be read that I have 30 days of game, but to being able to use this time I need to set up a subscription plan in order to play. I don't have credit card nor bak account (so neither credit card nor pay pal). To do this it's said everyone can buy «Game Time Codes» but I looked up for them and I didn't find any (I live in Mexico). I just want to play the soon as posible. Any help?

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