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All players who take part in PvP fights in Cyrodiil receive special Alliance Points. This type of points can be received through Alliance vs. Alliance (AvA) combat. As you probably know there are no Arena fights and other battlegrounds in Elder Scrolls Online. There is AvA only, so Alliance Points is the general PvP reward and rating system.

Alliance Points can be earned by any player of the alliance. All AP earned by all players of your alliance will determine the place of your faction in the War for Cyrodiil. Your personal AP earned by you show your impact into Alliance War itself. Your actions on the battlefield can change the position of your faction in AvA! The more points you earn the better the position of your faction becomes.

You personal Alliance Points determine your rewards. The more points you earn the better the reward is.

There is a special leaderboard where you can compare yourself with other players. The leaderboard have different filters and you can see for example your place compared with players with the same class. It is possible to see the best Templar or Nightblade within the alliance. You can also see cross-alliance rating.

How to earn AP?

The only way to get the points is to help your faction in the war. You can attack enemies, complete different PvP quests and so on. You will be rewarded by different amount of AP for different actions.

Where to spend AP?

There are different ways to spend your Alliance points. You can visit special vendor and take great armor, weapon, siege weaponry and other staff like healing or stamina potions. These types of things will definitely help you in battle.

Alliance Points do not influence your chances to become an emperor.

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