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These guides will tell you how to get the most valuable and rare items in Elder Scrolls Online. You may use the guides to get the collectibles you don't have or to get the cool items you may use while playing.

Big-Eared Ginger Kitten Pet: Detailed Guide

This is a complete step by step guide with a detailed explanation of how to get Big-Eared Ginger Kitten pet in Elder Scrolls Online. You can get it by playing solo or with friends.

By: Ambuaz Item Guides
Psijic Ambrosia - XP Booster Crafting Guide

Psijic Ambrosia is a drink that can be crafted by Provisioners. When you use it, your character receives 50% more experience from all sources. It’ the only Experience Booster that can be crafted in ESO.

By: Ambuaz Item Guides
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