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There are several ways to progress in Elder Scrolls Online: killing monsters, participating in PvP and of course questing. Purely killing monsters for experience is too boring and you will have to kill a lot of them in order to level up.

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Quest Required Level Location
Ending the Ogre Threat 22 Stormhaven
Drinking Game 40 The Rift
Drink, Drink, and Be Merry 38 The Rift
Dreams to Nightmares 19 Stormhaven
Dreams From the Hist 29 Shadowfen
Dream-Walk Into Darkness 24 Rivenspire
Down the Skeever Hole 37 Reaper's March
Double Jeopardy 28 Greenshade
Do Kill the Messenger 34 Eastmarch
Do as I Say 20 Stormhaven
Divine Favor 13 Stonefalls
Divert and Deliver 17 Stormhaven
Dissonant Commands 17 Deshaan
Disorganized Crime 8 Glenumbra
Destroying the Dark Witnesses 38 Bangkorai
Desperate Souls 7 Stonefalls
Desecrated Ground 40 Reaper's March
Depths of Madness 8 Auridon
Delaying the Daggers 5 Stonefalls
Defense of Warwyrd Temple 50 Craglorn
Deep Disturbance 30 Shadowfen
Death Trap 18 Deshaan
Dearly Departed 24 Rivenspire
Dear Cousins 33 Eastmarch
Deadly Ambition 27 Greenshade
Dead Mans Wrist 2 Stros M'Kai
Daughter of Seamount 4 Betnikh
Darkvale Brews 14 Stonefalls
Dark Wings 38 Bangkorai
Dark Knowledge 2 Khenarthi's Roost
Dark Deeds 35 Eastmarch
Dangerous Webs 3 Bleakrock Isle
Dangerous Union 39 The Rift
Cutting Off the Source 11 Glenumbra
Cursed Treasure 14 Glenumbra
Curse of Skulls 21 Stormhaven
Cultural Exchange 18 Deshaan
Crosswych Reclaimed 15 Glenumbra
Crossroads 4 Bal Foyen
Crossing the Chasm 48 Coldharbour
Crocodile Bounty 12 Glenumbra
Crimes of the Past 26 Rivenspire
Crawling Chaos 35 Alik'r Desert
Cracking the Egg 26 Shadowfen
Corruption Stones 8 Auridon
Conflicted Emotions 37 Bangkorai
Concealed Weapons 39 The Rift
Collector of Pelts 32 Eastmarch
Cold-Blooded Vengeance 19 Deshaan
Cold-Blooded Revenge 27 Shadowfen

Quests are one of the most interesting and rewarding sources of experience points in ESO. You receive not only experience but also gold and different useful items like new armour and weapons. All quests are divided into three groups: general quest line, guild quests and side quests. The general line tells the story of your character. His soul was stolen by Molag Bal and he needs to return it back. This line is one of the longest and most rewarding.

Guild quests can be taken after joining guilds. There are several powerful organisations in Tamriel: The Fighters Guild, Mages Guild and Undaunted. You can join these guilds to take different missions, receive new skills and other rewards.

As you know there is a separate territory for PvP - Cyrodiil. There are also different missions here. You can take bounty quests that will require you to kill enemy players. You can also take scout missions that will give you tasks to explore enemy territory. PvP quests will reward you with experience and alliance points that can be spent on purchasing siege weaponry and other useful PvP items.

How to find quest givers?

You need to look at your compass in the top of the screen. There is a special indicator that shows you the nearest quest givers. You can also identify such NPCs by a special mark above their head.

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      There should be more quests and they should be easier to find Skyrim i had a quest every moment now i have to look twice just to find something or wait till they just pop up please add more

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