Deshaan - Quests, Rare Fish

Deshaan is a location of Ebonheart Pact. You will visit it after Stonefalls. You can find 16 skyshards in Deshaan and take many interesting quests for 16 up to 24th level.

This rare fish can be caught in Deshaan only! Don’t forget to catch all fish listed below if you want to get all achievements of a fisherman.

Item Level
Ide 1
Gourami 1
Deshaan Chub 1
Cutthroat Trout 1
Mustard Eel 1
Mouthbrooder 1
Gibberfish 1
Monkfish 1
Mud Lamprey 1
Old Man Gar 1
Toadstool Tilapia 1
Pikeblenny 1

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