Deadly Ambition [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Greenshade
Required Level: 27

Text of the Quest:

I discovered the remains of a mage outside a cave in Shademist Moors. While there are no shortage of victims around here, the presence of the Mages Guild urges me to investigate what might have happened to the rest of them. I found a note next to the corpse of the unfortunate mage. I should see if it sheds some light on what brought guildmembers here.

Ancalmo: lt appears to be the corpse of an unfortunate mage. Possibly a low-ranking member of the Mages Guild based on his garb.
Hero: Look closer.
Ancalmo: lt looks as though this Elf was fleeing the cave when he was caught and killed. The body has been completely drained of blood. You see a strange ring on his left hand.
Hero: Take the ring.
Ancalmo: The ring looks to bear a symbol identifying the order this mage belonged to. As you examine it, you notice a note on the ground. It must have fallen from the pocket of the victim's robes.
Hero: I should look into what these mages were doing here. Perhaps this note will reveal more.

Malangwen: This Elf female suffered a similar fate to the one outside. Her skin is taut and dry, the body completely drained of fluid. A signet ring is also present on her hand.
Hero: Take the ring.
Malangwen: You slip the ring from the emaciated hand and deposit it into your pack.

Disturbing Stew: A glint from within this gruesome stew catches your eye. It appears as though something shiny is floating among the foul-smelling contents of the brew.
Hero: Fish out the objects
Disturbing Stew: You pull out a stiff, bloody finger from the brew. Still attached is a signet ring, which slips off easily into your hand.

Jahadar: The flesh of this unfortunate mage has been completely eaten away, but on one bony finger his signet ring remains intact.
Hero: Take the ring.
Jahadar: You pry the ring from the bony finger with some effort. It bears the same symbol as the others.

Lucretia Fortunatus: Oh, a fellow member of the guild. Well met. I'm here searching for a few others of our order. I don't suppose you've crossed paths with them, hm?
Hero: I found the remains of four members and a note that mentioned you. Here are their rings as proof.
Lucretia Fortunatus: I see. So their lust for power led them to their demise. A lesson every mage should take to heart. Thank you for seeking me out about this. You've saved me much fruitless searching. It is good to know the matter is dealt with.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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