Glenumbra - Quests, Rare Fish

Glenumbra is a location of Daggerfall Covenant in the North-Western part of Tamriel. You can find a lot of different quests here for 7-15th level and 16 Skyshards that will give you 5 extra skill points.

Quest Title Req. Level
A Brush With Death 11
A Duke in Exile 9
A Lingering Hope 11
A Mysterious Curio 8
A Step Back in Time 10
Angof the Gravesinger 15
Ash and Reprieve 6
Back-Alley Murders 5
Blood and the Crescent Moon 5
Bloodthorn Assassins 5
Champion of the Guardians 7
Crocodile Bounty 12
Crosswych Reclaimed 15
Cursed Treasure 14
Cutting Off the Source 11
Disorganized Crime 8
Farliveres Gambit 8
Forgotten Ancestry 14
Fortune in Failure 14
Garments by Odei 12
Hidden in Flames 11
Lady Eloises Lockbox 8
Legacy of Baelborne Rock 7
Legitimate Interests 15
Lineage of Tooth and Claw 9
Mastering the Talisman 13
Memento Mori 12
Mists of Corruption 15
One of the Undaunted Daggerfall 12
Pride of the Lion Guard 9
Purifying the Wyrd Tree 8
Rally Cry 11
Reclaiming the Elements 8
Red Rook Resources 9
Retaking Camlorn 11
Ripple Effect 10
Seeking the Guardians 7
Servants of Ancient Kings 14
Signals of Dominion 8
Swine Thief 5
Taking the Fight to the Enemy 13
The Corpse Horde 13
The Daggers Edge 8
The Dresan Index 8
The End of Extortion 15
The Fall of Faolchu 11
The Ghosts of Westtry 12
The Glenumbra Moors 10
The Hidden Treasure 8
The Jeweled Crown of Anton 15
The Labyrinth 15
The Lion Guards Stand 13
The Lost Patrol 13
The Miners Lament 15
The Nameless Soldier 10
The White Mask of Merien 11
The Wyrd Sisters 6
The Wyrd Trees Roots 6
To the Wyrd Tree 7
Turning of the Trees 6
Vines and Villains 13
Vital Inheritance 9
Wayward Scouts 8
Werewolves to the North 8
Wicked Trade 12
Wolves in the Fold 9
Wyrd and Coven 12

This rare fish can be caught in Glenumbra only! Don’t forget to catch all fish listed below if you want to get all achievements of a fisherman.

Item Level
Rock Bass 1
Powen 1
Catfish 1
Warmouth 1
Lamprey 1
Dragonfish 1
Tuna 1
Finless Sole 1
Hag Fen Hagfish 1
Cambray Perch 1
Brook Trout 1
Azurain Flounder 1

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