Deep Disturbance [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Black Marsh
Location: Shadowfen
Required Level: 30
Reward: 278

Text of the Quest:

Deep Disturbance Something caused the creatures in Xal Ithixs swamps to become aggressive and attack the villagers. The hunter I met in Xal Ithix says if I want to know whats happening in the swamp, I need to talk to Tree-Minder Nexith in his hut.


Talk to Tree-Minder Nexith


Long-Claw: Can't keep fighting. We need help. Our village ... is under attack.
Hero: Who's attacking you?
Long-Claw: I don't know, but Tree-Minder Nexith might. He's been in Xal Ithix as long as I can remember. If anyone knows what's wrong with the swamp, he will. Look for the tree-minder in his hut. He's usually there, consulting with the elders or communing with the Hist.
Hero: I'll find the tree-minder and talk to him.
Long-Claw: The sooner you talk to the Tree-Minder, the better. I'm not sure how much longer we can keep these creatures out of the village.
Hero: What's attacking your village?
Long-Claw They're much larger than normal and more powerful. In days past, if a rotgorge did attack an unwary scavenger, all she'd have to do to break its hold was smack it on the shell with a stick. Now, the things cling until you kill them. They're mad.
Hero: Goodbye.

Tree-Minder Nexith: Ah ... the corruption. It's too strong. Who ... who are you? If you're allied with the Daedra, I'll send you back to Oblivion, screaming.
Hero:I'm here to help.
Tree-Minder Nexith: I must perform a ritual of clear sight, but I can't do it alone. I have a potion that must be placed in the ceremonial jars at the base of the stele surrounding the xanmeer. I'd ask my hunters, but most of them are wounded or fighting the beasts.
Hero:I can place the potions.
Tree-Minder Nexith: It won't be easy. When I tried the simpler version of this ritual, the Daedric force nearly destroyed me. I can't imagine it will allow you to place the components easily. Be careful in the swamp, especially around the stele.
Hero: I'll be careful.

Tree-Minder Nexith: I heard fighting below. Are you all right?
Hero: There were Dremora near the stele.
Tree-Minder Nexith: Xuth! I should have known. The stench of Oblivion permeates this bog. You placed the potions, though—I can tell. The miasma around each stele has cleared up, at least temporarily.
Hero: So can you perform your ritual?
Tree-Minder Nexith: Yes, with the power of the ancients behind me, I can discover the exact nature of our enemy. Perhaps then we can discover how to cleanse the swamp of this foulness. Stand back. This may be dangerous. Talk to me when I'm done.
Hero: All right.

Tree-Minder Nexith: Namira, I revere thee! Namira, I serve thee!
Hero: What are you saying?
Tree-Minder Nexith: The Daedric corruption is strong. I was nearly overwhelmed, but at last I've pinpointed the source. They attack our heart, our soul, our memories — they're attacking our Hist tree. We must free it at once.
Hero: What do we have to do?
Tree-Minder Nexith: I must stay here to keep the Daedra back. Go to the Hist tree, near the center of Xal Ithix.
During my trance, I saw what they did. Namira's minions placed a relic there. It poisons the swamp.
Hero: What do I do when I get there?
Tree-Minder Nexith: Unearth the relic. It's buried at the base of a nearby stele. Once you have it, you'll need to climb the winding road to a tall ritual site that overlooks Xal Ithix. There, you should be able to use it to stop Namira's minions.
Hero: Who is Namira?
Tree-Minder Nexith: Namira is the Lady of Decay, the Daedric Prince of spirits and shadows. She's the patron of vermin and squalor. She wants to extend her influence over Xal Ithix. The relic is the key to open that door. But you can use it against her minions.
Hero: What does the relic do?
Tree-Minder Nexith: In my vision, I saw the Dremora react to the relic. They are terrified of it, of what it can do. The same energies it uses to corrupt our Hist tree can be turned upon Namira's minions. Wield it, and you can destroy them.
Hero: Goodbye.

Aspect of Namira: You're the mortal who's interfered with my creatures in the bog, aren't you? Don't bother to tell me your name. You won't need it if you continue to trouble me.
Hero: Who are you?
Aspect of Namira: Who am I? You could not hope to comprehend my true nature, filth. Think of me as an aspect of the Lady of Decay and rightful ruler of all spirits. I claim this land and all within it. None may defy me!
Hero: What about the argonians who live here?
Aspect of Namira: Those cold-blooded primitives fell once; they can fall again! I will show them that their "spirits of the Hist" are pale shadows compared to me. Now, leave my Hand where it lies. Abandon your foolish quest.
Hero: The people of Hali Itih asked for my help
Aspect of Namira What help can you give them, mortal? I cannot strike you down, but my minions are more than enough for the likes of you. Even those foolish Hist-worshipers recognize that. They won't even approach this part of Xal Ithix.
Hero: One of those "foolish Hist-worshipers" said this relic will affect your minions.
Aspect of Namira What? How did he know— Mortal, if you attempt this, my creatures will overwhelm you! Nothing will stop me from taking Xal Ithix. Hero: We'll see.

Aspect of Namira My lesser minions barely slowed you down. I'm impressed. But you're too late. I've already begun the ritual. Once it ends, my corruption will spread throughout Xal Ithix!
Hero: You forget. I have your Hand. I can use it to stop your ritual.
Aspect of Namira: Only if I give you time to use it!
Come forth, my corruption! Be manifest and destroy this worm!

Tree-Minder Nexith: You've done it! Namira's been defeated! Look—the miasma is clearing. A few Dremora still lurk along the road, but their hold on Xal Ithix is broken.
Hero: How did you get here before me?
Tree-Minder Nexith: When you banished Namira's corruption, you allowed me to reconnect with the Hist throughout Xal Ithix. There is still work to be done, but, thanks to you, we can now complete the cleansing. Thank you. You will be remembered.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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