The Rift - Quests, Rare Fish

The Rift is a location of the Skyrim Province. This location belongs to Ebonheart Pact. You can find 16 skyshards and many quests for 38-42 level.

Quest Title Req. Level
A Business Proposition 39
A Diamond in the Root 42
A Giant in Smokefrost Peaks 41
A Grave Situation 40
A Ritual in Smokefrost Peaks 43
A Ritual in the Ragged Hills 43
A Walk Above the Clouds 42
Aiding Sigunn 38
Alls Fair 38
Approaching Thunder 42
Beneath the Stone 38
Beneath the Surface 42
Blood Upon the Soil 40
Breaking the Coven 38
Calling Hakra 40
Concealed Weapons 39
Dangerous Union 39
Drink, Drink, and Be Merry 38
Drinking Game 40
Fierce Beasts of Ivarstead 40
Finding Winters Hammer 40
Geirmunds Guardian 40
Geirmunds Oath 40
Gift of the Worm 39
Guard the Knowledge 41
Honrich Tower 41
In His Wake 41
Into the Outside 40
Kalodars Farewell 38
Lost Companions 43
Move out Miners 38
Names of the Fallen 42
Pinepeak Caverns 40
Problems Into Profit 40
Pulled Under 41
Raise the Colors 38
Redguard on the Run 40
Research Subject 40
Returning Winters Bite 40
Ritual at the Dragonshrine 43
River of Names 42
Save Your Voice 40
Scouting the Mine 38
Securing the Pass 42
Shattered Hopes 41
Shroud Hearth Barrow 40
Smoke on the Horizon 38
Soldier Down 41
Song of Awakening 41
Soul Harvest 39
Stomping Sinmur 42
Storming the Hall 38
The Farmers Champion 39
The Rise of Sage Svari 38
The Shackled Guardian 40
The Shards of Wuuthrad 42
The Thunder Breaks 42
The Troubleshooter 38
The Warding Way 38
Those She Devours 42
Through the Shroud 39
To Honrich Tower 41
To Nimalten 39
To Pinepeak Caverns 40
To Taarengrav 40
To the King 42
To Vernim Woods 38
Tomb Beneath the Mountain 40
Trial of the Body 40
Trial of the Mind 40
Trial of the Spirit 40
Unearthed 38
Where the Frostheart Grows 40
Worm Cult Summoner 42
Yngrel the Bloody 38

This rare fish can be caught in The Rift only! Don’t forget to catch all fish listed below if you want to get all achievements of a fisherman.

Item Level
Zebra Oto 1
Jarl Salmon 1
Sockeye Salmon 1
Grouper 1
Bream 1
Skate 1
Skorrn 1
Ice Koi 1
Sulfursucker 1
Ilinalta Trout 1
Muskellunge 1
White Roughy 1

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