Crawling Chaos [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Alik'r Desert
Required Level: 35

Text of the Quest:

Crawling Chaos Once the mines were a prime spot for prospectors, but with the influx of spiders, theyve been shut down for safety reasons. Kasal asked me to look for the last two prospectors who entered the mines.


Find Seqbar and Shagora

Kasal: I was wealthy a month ago. And then the spiders came. Who knows what brought them, but it didn't stop our production. Now the spiders are everywhere! I've closed the mines, but the last prospectors haven't come out.
Hero: Someone's stuck in the mine?
Kasal: The last prospector to go in was Seqbar. I warned him that the mine was dangerous, but he said he had to go. After that, things got out of hand. I closed the whole operation down. Then that Ore showed up.
Hero: What Ore?
Kasal: Shagora. Said she was Seqbar's betrothed. She went in after him, and that's the last person I've let in since. That is, unless you see fit to go in after them?
Hero: I'll see if I can find them.

Knapsack: inside the knapsack is a rough map with directions from Sentinel to the mines. The pack also includes some old clothes, half-eaten rations, and a journals
Hero: Remove the journals

Cocoon: Merciful Ruptga, my prayers are answered! Help me! Please, get me out before that spider monstrosity comes back! I've been trapped in this cocoon for days!
Hero: Are you Shagora or Seqbar?
Cocoon: Shagora's really here? I thought her voice came from a dream! If she's gone deeper into the mines, I must find her! This spider's silk is tight, but I feel the threads moving .... Spiders or not, I've got to break free!
Hero: Keep moving, it must be weakening.
Cocoon: Yes! I've been too afraid to move, too afraid of the spiders. But I can't leave the mines without Shagora ... I think I felt something give. Yes, it's breaking open!

Naluroen: What desire brings you here, mortal? You seek the Ore female, perhaps? She is now an ornament to my ... collection.
Hero: What are you?
Naluroen: Some of this world claim the gods as ancestors. To them, the Daedra are divine beings who are not the ancestors of Tamriel's people. Your "Divines" exhausted much of their powers shaping your world. We did not.
Hero: Let me speak to Shagora.
Naluroen: To do that, I propose a trade. You may feed an elder spider, or you can let my children feed on your Redguard friend. His taste ... pleased them greatly.
Hero: And if I refuse?
Naluroen: Then I shall not let you speak to her. It is simple. Now, will you stand about doing nothing, or take my trade?
Hero: I'll feed an elder spider.
Naluroen: Wonderful. They wait just behind you. Do not worry. The venom ensures there is little pain.

Naluroen: Such sweet nectar you mortals carry in your veins. A shame it goes to waste.
Hero: I've done what you asked.
Naluroen: Indeed. The way is open to you and your Redguard friend. And if you desire to stay, I shall have no objections. Go in!

Shagora: Curse this darkness! I can't see a thing! Are you another one of Naluroen's illusions? Don't think I'm a fool—I know your tricks! Where is Seqbar?
Hero: Seqbar and I came to rescue you.
Shagora: If that's the case, then where is he? No, you're just another one of Naluroen's puppets. But you can't get into my mind! I'll never let you copy my Seqbar! Y
Hero: ou can't see him? He's right in front of you.
Shagora: What? Where? Stop lying, illusion! When I get out of this place. I'll torch it, and squish anything that manages to crawl out. Just you wait!

Seqbar: I see her now! And that Daedra has her in its grasp! We must save her!
Hero: What do you want to do?
Seqbar: I'm no hero, but I can't stand by while my love is trapped by this Daedra! Maybe she'd take me in exchange ....
Hero: You'd give up your life for Shagora?
Seqbar: A month ago, I would have fled. Marriage scared me. Spiders scared me. But I've been running too long. It's time I acted like a true warrior and faced my fear.

Naluroen: The Ore woman is strong-willed. A challenge, but one that I will conquer nonetheless. What do you think of my menagerie, mortal? Would you like to take your place within?
Hero: You'll release us all from your nest.
Naluroen: Ah, threats are next perhaps? Dear mortal, I have not harmed any of my collection. They provide me with comfort and entertainment, and my children with sustenance every now and again. In return, I care for their every need.
Hero: If you won't release us, I'll force you.
Naluroen: I do not fear you, mortal. You are in my lair. I allow you to see me because it is convenient. Oh, I'm sure you could escape my nest, in time. But these two would surely not survive.
Hero: Is there any way I can convince you to let these two go?
Naluroen: As you can tell, the Ore is resistant to my charms. She has not made a good specimen. I propose a trade of sorts. Give me the Redguard and I will give you the Ore.
Hero: No deal. These two belong together.
Naluroen: That can be done as well. Give them both to me, and I will provide them with a long and happy life together. Once my poison takes them, they will see what I weave. A safe life together, a happy existence. What else does a mortal crave?
Hero: They can both stay, if you keep your word.
Naluroen: Mortal, I am nothing if not true to my word. The pair need not even know you existed. You are free to leave in peace.

Kasal: I never should've listened to Seqbar. Look at all the trouble he's caused!
Hero: He's ... safe now.
Kasai: Safe? Then where is he? Do you mean he has met his ancestors? Did the spiders kill him and Shagora?
Hero: It's more than spiders. They were taken by a spider Daedra.
Kasal: A spider Daedra? Could these mines be any more cursed? This was a fool's errand. Once I return to Sentinel I'll never leave again! Sep's coils are never-ending, friend. I'm sure you did what you could for them.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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