Depths of Madness [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Summerset Isles
Location: Auridon
Required Level: 8

Text of the Quest:

Depths of Madness I've found a lost member of the Queens entourage near the entrance to a hidden Vale. She told me that her fellow travelers, members of the Queens entourage, have been taken. A mad Mage apparently holds them. Eminelyas directed me through a tunnel and into a hidden Vale. She believes the Mage has taken her companions there.


Investigate the Vale

Eminelya: What am I going to do? They've been taken!
Hero: Are you all right? Who's been taken?
Eminelya: The Queen's entourage. They were taken right out of our camp. A madman—a mage—teleported them away. The look in his eye!
Hero: Do you know where the mage took them?
Eminelya: He cackled something about the Vale. It lies just beyond this cave. I've tried to summon up the nerve. But I just can't. Will you go after them? I have these teleportation scrolls. You could use them, get everyone out.
Hero: Give me the scrolls. I'll take care of this.
Eminelya: I hope you can find them. Ayrenn, the Queen. She'll be so worried.
Hero: Why were you and the Queen's entourage out here?
Eminelya: We were in transit. Ayrenn. Her Majesty, I mean. She's taking a tour of the realm, and her closest advisors travel with her.
Hero: The Queen's not here, is she?
Eminelya: No, she. Well, she's a faster traveler than the members of her entourage. Minantille has gotten a bit soft since leaving the military. Nuulehtel isn't very confident on a horse. And Merion won't keep his hands to himself. Makes travel difficult.
Hero: Do you know who that Mage was?
Eminelya: i'm not sure. His face seemed familiar, somehow? Maybe, a few years ago? During the signing ceremony? Sorry. I'm terrible with names.

Lanitaale: Go away! It's all mine. Sanessalmo said so. Eh. Are you using that weapon? I bet I could get a fair price for it.
Hero: Sorry, it's not for sale. Who's Sanessalmo?
Lanitaale: A mage. He teleported us all here and started casting some spells, and. Oh, that really is a nice pair of boots you're wearing. Could I just see—
Hero: Concentrate. Where did the mage go? Where are the other members of the Queen's entourage?
Lanitaale: Oh they're somewhere back there. I couldn't get Minantille or Merion to give up their shirts. And I really wanted Nuulehtel's pants, but he refused. Misers. You're sure you don't have anything to trade?
Hero: You know, I do have this very valuable scroll. Why don't you read it over?
Lanitaale: Ah, beautiful. Look at this handwriting

Projection of Sanessalmo: Clever. Very clever. Poor woman. Even taken beyond these walls, no accountant is ever freed from her greed. I am Sanessalmo. Welcome to my laboratory.
Hero: Where are the other members of the Queen's entourage?
Projection of Sanessalmo: Oh, I'm testing them. Much like I did to Lanitaale. Each now resides in a small world of their own making. I'm fascinated by emotion, the power it holds. I'm afraid to say, but... they're not doing very well.
Hero: Let me free them. Let me participate in your tests.
Projection of Sanessalmo: Oh! What a splendid idea. External stimulus in the mix. Here, I'll open portals to their little worlds. Succeed or fail, this should be simply fascinating.

Minantille: Thank you. Thank you so much. I can think again.
Hero: What was that thing?
Minantille: Didn't recognize the face, but the armor. That was my old armor from my campaigning days. I had no idea. All this rage, this hatred, must have been bubbling within me for years.
Hero: We need to get you out of here. Take this teleportation scroll.
Minantille: The sooner I'm clear of this place, the better I'll feel. Speak with you soon, soldier.

Merion: Isn't she beautiful? Where has she been all my life? We'll be together. Forever.
Hero: You're being manipulated, Merion. It's some kind of spirit.
Merion: No! She's the love of my life. Nothing you can say will change that. I just wish this cave wasn't so dangerous. The poor thing gets scared around these strange mushrooms.
Hero: Strange mushrooms?
Merion: Yes. I'm an alchemist. Before I met this fine lady, I was worried about magical manipulation. For some reason. Hmm. Anyway, I was going to collect spores, create a potion to guard against.... Did I mention we're to be married?
Hero: Concentrate, Merion. How were you going to make the potion?
Merion: Oh? The recipe's in my pack, I'm sure. Don't know where my pack's gotten to. Why would you need— Yes, my sweet? What was that, you said?

Merion: What happened to me? What was that thing?
Hero: You're safe now, I think. Do you still want to marry that thing? Goodbye.
Merion: Marry it? That's ridiculous. I'm already married! And I'm always careful. I never bring up marriage with another woman. That's just asking for trouble.
Hero: Right. We need to get you out of here. Take this teleportation scroll.
Merion: Ah, very nice. From Eminelya, right? Rather fetching! Even if she is high strung. Thank you, my new friend!

Nuulehtel: It's so cold. Can barely move. Never get out of here. Not sure I want to.
Hero: Why don't you want to leave?
Nuulehtel: It's got to be colder. Out there. Than it is in here. Please, build us a fire. Warm us up, and we can go.
Hero: What should I use to build the fire?
Nuulehtel: I brought a few things in with me. Oil. Some flint and tinder. And I think I saw a pile of straw somewhere while I was wandering around. Just. Hurry.

Nuulehtel: You were right, it's so much warmer out here. The cold in there. Terrible!
Hero: Are you feeling better?
Nuulehtel: Yes. Yes, 1 am. Thank you. I just couldn't take that first step. I felt safer freezing to death than I did trying to leave the cave. Damned but the mind is a strange thing.
Hero: I have a teleportation scroll here. Take it, and get yourself warmed up.
Nuulehtel: Your kindness shall be remembered. Until we speak again.

Eminelya: You've done it! The rest of the lady's entourage has gone on ahead. Did you deal with the mad man?
Hero: Yes. I took care of him. He was a mage named Sanessalmo.
Eminelya: Sanessalmo? Now that name I remember. Used to be a member of the Queen's inner circle! You have my deepest gratitude for your service today. I'll be sure the Queen learns of your bravery.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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