Stormhaven - Quests, Rare Fish

Stormhaven is a location of the High Rock Province. This location belongs to Daggerfall Covenant. You can find 16 skyshards and quests for 16-21 level.

Quest Title Req. Level
A Dangerous Dream 16
A Family Affair 17
A Final Request 21
A Gang of Thugs 20
A Look in the Mirror 22
A Means to an End 20
A Predators Heart 23
A Prison of Sleep 20
A Ransom for Miranda 20
A Woman Wronged 21
Abominations from Beyond 21
An Offering to Azura 20
Another Omen 20
Army at the Gates 17
Azuras Aid 21
Azuras Guardian 19
Azuras Relics 23
Blood Revenge 19
Cant Leave Without Her 16
Captive Crewmembers 16
Curse of Skulls 21
Divert and Deliver 17
Do as I Say 20
Dreams to Nightmares 19
Ending the Ogre Threat 22
Evidence Against Adima 21
False Accusations 16
False Knights 18
Fire in the Fields 19
General Godruns Orders 22
Gift from a Suitor 22
Godruns Dream 21
Injured Spirit Wardens 19
King Aphrens Sword 23
Legacy of the Three 17
Life of the Duchess 18
Lighthouse Attack Plans 16
Next of Kin 19
Ogre Teeth 22
Old Adventurers 22
One Last Game 18
Plan of Attack 17
Plowshares to Swords 23
Pursuing the Shard 19
Rat in a Trap 20
Repair Koeglin Lighthouse 16
Retaking Firebrand Keep 18
Revenge Against Rama 20
Rozenns Dream 17
Saving Hosni 21
Scamp Invasion 17
Sir Hughes Fate 17
Stolen Ashes 20
The Debt Collectors Debts 20
The Dreugh Threat 20
The Flame of Dissent 18
The Gate to Quagmire 20
The Perfect Burial 21
The Return of the Dream Shard 21
The Safety of the Kingdom 18
The Signet Ring 20
The Slavers 16
The Slumbering Farmer 16
The Sower Reaps 20
They Dragged Him Away 20
To Alcaire Castle 16
Tracking Sir Hughes 18
Two Sides to Every Coin 17
Unanswered Questions 17
Vaerminas Gambit 21
Waiting for Word 20
Word from the Dead 20

This rare fish can be caught in Stormhaven only! Don’t forget to catch all fish listed below if you want to get all achievements of a fisherman.

Item Level
Yellow Bass 1
Barfish 1
River Stingray 1
Grass Carp 1
Yellow Moray 1
Sawfish 1
Stormhaven Flounder 1
Dab 1
Alcaire Pike 1
Dreugh Shrimp 1

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