Stonefalls - Quests, Rare Fish

Stonefalls is a location of the Morrowind Province. This location belongs to Ebonheart Pact. You can find 16 skyshards and many quests for 10-15 level.

Quest Title Req. Level
A Bit of Sport 10
A Gathering of Guar 15
A Goblin's Affection 10
A Higher Priority 11
A Storm Broken 11
A Story Told in Footprints 13
Aggressive Negotiations 15
An Unwanted Twin 13
Assisting Davon's Watch 8
Breaking Fort Virak 12
City at the Spire 12
City Under Siege 5
Cleansing the Past 10
Climbing the Spire 15
Close the Scamp Caves 8
Darkvale Brews 14
Delaying the Daggers 5
Desperate Souls 7
Divine Favor 13
Enlightenment Needs Salt 11
Enslaved in Death 6
Evening the Odds 12
Exquisite Tears 5
From the Wastes 13
Giving for the Greater Good 6
Hunting Invaders 11
In With the Tide 8
Kinsman's Revenge 11
Legacy of the Ancestors 5
Mystery of Othrenis 7
Night of the Soul 10
One of the Undaunted 12
Opening the Portal 15
Percussive Ranching 6
Peril at the Pools 10
Protecting the Hall 11
Proving Trust 6
Quiet the Ringing Bell 5
Quieting a Heart 7
Recovering the Guar 10
Rending Flames 7
Restoring Order 10
Restoring the Guardians 8
Sadal's Final Defeat 15
Savages of Stonefalls 13
Saving the Son 15
Shattering Mirror 13
Stem the Tide 11
Suspicious Silence 8
Taking Precautions 15
Taking the Tower 10
The Brothers Will Rise 9
The Coral Heart 10
The Curse of Heimlyn Keep 12
The Death of Balreth 8
The Fate of a Friend 9
The Fetish 13
The General's Demise 12
The Sapling 10
The Truth about Spiders 10
The Venom of Ahknara 8
The Wizard's Tome 5
This One's a Classic 15
Through the Aftermath 6
To Aid Davon's Watch 7
To Ash Mountain 7
To Fort Virak 10
To the Mountain 10
To the Tormented Spire 15
Undermined 13
Vengeance for House Dres 15
Wake the Dead 7
Waylaid Wine Merchant 13
Wayward Son 6
What Was Done Must Be Undone 12
Window on the Past 9

This rare fish can be caught in Stonefalls only! Don’t forget to catch all fish listed below if you want to get all achievements of a fisherman.

Item Level
Tench 1
Lake Chub 1
Ricefish 1
Thorny Catfish 1
Fungusfish 1
Travally 1
Armorhead 1
Stinkfish 1
Rainbow Zander 1
Ash Shad 1
Akaviri Wrasse 1
Scum Carp 1

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