Dark Deeds [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: Eastmarch
Required Level: 35
Reward: 303

Text of the Quest:

Draugr have spilled from the barrow beneath Bonestrewn Crest. Now they roam the area, attacking the living.


Selgaard Wood-Hewer: The dead aren't supposed to walk around, and they certainly aren't supposed to attack innocent loggers!
Hero: What happened here?
Selgaard Wood-Hewer: The dead emerged from Bonestrewn Barrow. I was working when it started. I buried my axe in three of them, but they kept on coming. My family's still out there and the countryside is crawling with those damn creatures!
Hero: What can I do to help?
Selgaard Wood-Hewer: Can you check on my family? We have three logging cabins scattered around Bonestrewn Crest. Look for my brother, my cousin, and my wife. I can sneak around, but I can't fight draugr in this state. Please, make sure my family is all right.
Hero: I'll check on your family.
Selgaard Wood-Hewer: My wife Jakild and I share the cabin farthest to the north. My brother Kerthor, we don't talk much. He keeps to himself in the cabin near the wayshrine. And my cousin Agnedir lives in the cabin near the springs.
Hero: Can I ask you about your family?
Selgaard Wood-Hewer: Sure, I guess. I'd prefer if you went and helped them, though. But ask away.
Hero: Goodbye.

Jakild Wood-Hewer: You're walking, but you're not dead. You picked the wrong day to visit our camp, stranger.
Hero: Selgaard sent me. He's worried about his family.
Jakild Wood-Hewer: My husband Selgaard? Is he all right? Why isn't he with you?
Hero: He was injured. He sent me to check the cabins.
Jakild Wood-Hewer: What of the others? Did you find my brother-in-law? My young cousin?
Hero: Kerthor and Agnedir didn't make it.
Jakild Wood-Hewer: Kyne have mercy on my family.
Hero: Will you be all right?
Jakild Wood-Hewer: Don't worry about me. Save your concern for the next dead thing that walks through that door.
Hero: Goodbye.

Selgaard Wood-Hewer: Did you find them? Is my family all right?
Hero: Your wife, Jakild, is fine. She's waiting for you. The others ....
Selgaard Wood-Hewer: Shor's bones! Why did I offer shelter to those travelers? I should have known better!
Hero: What travelers?
Selgaard Wood-Hewer: They seemed friendly enough, and we never turn away those in need. But they asked the oddest questions about Bonestrewn Barrow. They were much too interested in that old crypt!
Hero: What kind of questions?
Selgaard Wood-Hewer: They wanted to know how old it was, how big it was ... if it was dangerous. People visit the barrow from time to time. I didn't think anything of it until....
Hero: Until what?
Selgaard Wood-Hewer: I helped one of them steady his pack. Owen was his name, if I recall. A helmet spilled out. A Covenant helmet. I should have done something then.
Hero: What happened after that?
Selgaard Wood-Hewer: Their leader, Valcent, he saw what happened. He thanked me and said it was time for them to depart. They headed out without another word. I knew something was wrong, but I was just happy to see them leave.
Hero: Where did they go?
Selgaard Wood-Hewer: They said they were going to Windhelm, but I watched them go. They headed toward the barrow.
Hero: What do you think they did?
Selgaard Wood-Hewer: I don't know, but it wasn't long after they entered the barrow that the draugr shambled onto Bonestrewn Crest. Go see what those Covenant milk-drinkers are up to. Maybe then my brother and cousin can rest in peace. Now I need to see my wife.
Hero: Goodbye.

Owen Pavelle: Please, get me out of here!
Hero: What are you doing in there?
Owen Pavelle: I'm Owen Pavelle. I'm part of an expedition that was sent to explore this barrow. My team was cataloging the ruins when the draugr attacked.
Hero: You're lying.
Owen Pavelle: What? No! How can you say that?
Hero: [Intimidate] You're with the Covenant. Tell me what you're doing here. Now.
Owen Pavelle: All right, I'll confess. This is all wrong. I joined the Lion Guard for a little adventure, but this isn't what I had in mind. Valcent's mad! He intends to raise an undead army. He has no orders. He's totally gone rogue!
Hero: So how can I help?
Owen Pavelle: Pull the switch to my left. It will unlock the cage and open the door to the ceremonial chamber. That's where Valcent is doing gods-know-what. But please, don't pull the switch to my right.
Hero: What does the right switch do?
Owen Pavelle: Nothing good. Please, don't touch the right switch.
Hero: [Intimidate] Tell me what happens if I pull the right switch.
Owen Pavelle: Fine! Have it your way! It activates some sort of mechanism. This cage is some kind of sacrificial device. I beg you, whatever you do, leave the right switch alone!
Hero: Goodbye.
Selgaard Wood-Hewer: I returned to Jakild after you went to the Barrow. We've been hiding in here. Did you find those Covenant milk-drinkers? Did you stop them?
Hero: I defeated the Covenant necromancer who corrupted the barrow.
Selgaard Wood-Hewer: Then the draugr should slowly return to their graves. In the meantime, we'll stay in here until they go away. I curse the Covenant for what it's done. Thank you for helping us.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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