Conflicted Emotions [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: Hammerfell
Location: Bangkorai
Required Level: 37

Text of the Quest:

Conflicted Emotions of the Dragonstar Caravan Company asked for my assistance in fulfilling a contract for a mage in the Silaseli ruins. I agreed to meet Zaag at to pick up her passenger.


Meet Zaag at the Silaseli Ruins

Zaag: Nothing down here's in the right place! You know what that means? It just means more dumb-dung I got to deal with before I can get out of here.
Hero: Where are you going?
Zaag: Caravan contract job east of here in those old Ayleid ruins—Silaseli they call the place. Some mage out there wants an armed escort and I'm the only one available to go. I can't stand dealing with mages, especially when it's just me.
Hero: You need some help?
Zaag: By Mauloch, yes. I could use a partner on this one. Like I said, the pickup's out in the Silaseli Ruins. Meet me out there and we'll make some coin together.
Hero: I'll meet you at the Silaseli ruins then.

Zaag: What in Mauloch's name took you so long? You think I got time to sit on my arse out here? This job's hit a major snag, and I need your help!
Hero: What's the problem?
Zaag: It's the damn mage, of course. I told you—working for them always gives me a headache, and this one's a real piece of work.
Hero: I got here, and the stupid mage ... well, you better just see for yourself. Follow me.

Zaag: Can you believe this? The fool's turned himself into iron! It's like a practical joke. I keep expecting my boss to step out from behind a rock and tell me he just wanted to see how I'd react. I'd carry the bastard if he wasn't so damn heavy.
Hero: Why did he turn himself into iron?
Zaag: To stop me from taking him away! Said some stupid drivel about emotions. If there's one thing I hate more than magic, it's emotions. Can you just deal with this for me? I can't even think at this point.
Hero: I'll talk to him and see what I can do.

Arnitole: Hello there. I suggest you don't try to pick me up. You'll only injure your back. Don't ask for any long-winded explanations either. It's tiring to talk when you're made of iron.
Hero: Why did you turn yourself into iron?
Arnitole: No choice. That brute was going to forcibly remove me from the ruins, and I can't leave yet. I have to get my emotions back under control first.
Hero: You don't seem that emotional to me.
Armtole: Precisely. My emotions are gone—Fear, Anger, Happiness, Sadness—they got away from me, in the literal sense. It's this Ayleid relic here. It's a gateway into the Silaseli dreamstate, but by the time I realized it, my emotions were already gone. I
Hero: s there some way I can get your emotions back?
Arnitole: Yes. You could go into the dreamstate and convince them to come back. You'll have to upset them though, drive them to experience their counterbalanced state. Anger to Fear, Happiness to Sadness, that sort of thing.
Hero: I'll give it my best.

Arnitole's Happiness: Hello there! I'm so glad you came by! I think I'm about to make a new friend, and you know what that means?
Hero: What does that mean?
Arnitole's Happiness: I don't know about you, but when I make a new friend, I like to have a celebration! Buttons does too! Buttons and I are favorite friends, but there's always room for one more inside our circle of love, and you're invited! You want a quibble-cake?
Hero: Where did Buttons come from?
Arnitole's Happiness: Oh, my grandmother gave me Buttons as a pet when I was just a little boy! We were inseparable. When I was little, he carried me on his back, and when I got big, I carried him on my shoulder. Buttons is my favorite friend in all of | Tamriel!
Hero: [Intimidate] Pets are for old people and babies.
Arnitole's Happiness: Hey! You ... stop that! You're hurting Buttons' feelings! You're hurting my feelings too! I'm going back to Arnitole!

Arnitole's Sadness: Do you see how grey it is here? Everything is grey. Just like my life. One long chain of miserable, lonely days ... each one worse than the day before it. Do you know why it is that I even bother to get out of bed?
Hero: No. Why do you bother?
Arnitole's Sadness: I don't know. I was hoping you knew, but now I'm disappointed ... again. I always tell people how bad things are, and then they get worse, and so the next time I see them, I have to tell them all over again. Do you want to know what else is sad?
Hero: [Persuade] Yes. Tell me everything. You need to release this.
Arnitole's Sadness: You're fobbing! You expect me to believe that you really want to listen to all my complaining? You must think I'm a fool. No one wants to hear all this. It's boring. I don't even want to hear it myself.
Hero: Maybe if you stop talking about it, you'll feel better.
Arnitole's Sadness: Ha! Now that's the stupidest idea I've ever heard. You think if I stop talking about it, it will just go away? Like that's some secret trick to dealing with sadness? That's just hysterical. You're funny. You should be a minstrel.

Arnitole's Anger: What are you looking at? Did I say you could look at me? I don't think so! I don't even want you sharing my air. You're a festering boil on the lip of reality! I don't like boils or things that fester! Move on ... or do you have a problem with that?
Hero: Don't get your under-clothes in a wad, unless you want to get hurt.
Arnitole's Anger: Oh, tell me you didn't say that! Tell me I didn't hear that right!
Hero: How would you like a staff-blast to your stupid-ugly face ...? Let's find out!

Arnitole's Fear: Don't! Please! You're going to eviscerate me, I just know it! I don't want to be eviscerated! It sounds awful!
Hero: Why would I eviscerate you?
Arnitole's Fear: Because I had a nightmare and someone told me they were going to eviscerate me. They described it in great detail how they were going to cut me open and let all my internal organs spill out... my liver, my stomach ... it was terrible.
Hero: What if it was just a joke?
Arnitole's Fear: Then it wasn't a very funny joke! My father was eviscerated, as a matter of fact! I'll put up with a lot, but jokes about evisceration are where I draw the line!
Hero: So it was your mother who raised such a coward?
Arnitole's Fear: Oh? Now you're making jokes about my mother? Now you've done it! Now you've made me mad! I'm going back to Arnitole!

Arnitole: Hm. For some reason, looking at you makes me want to vomit. My emotions just feel like they're going to burst out and run away again. Overall though, I am feeling a little lighter on my feet.
Hero: So you have all your emotions back?
Arnitole: I think so. I won't know for sure until I get home to my wife. Come to think of it, she's very similar to this Ayleid relic—she's old and strange and brings out all my emotions. Regardless though. I'm ready to go whenever your friend is.

Zaag: So when I saw you go down for a nap, I decided this partnership was over. I certainly didn't think you were doing your part. Then the mage suddenly stands up and says he's ready to go, and that I have you to thank for it. Is that true?
Hero: I did help him regain control of his emotions.
Zaag: All right. All right. I don't need to hear any more. I'm not going to pretend I understand any of this, and I don't really want to. Here's your half of the payment. I'll make sure the mage gets safely to his destination.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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