Dreams From the Hist [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Black Marsh
Location: Shadowfen
Required Level: 29
Reward: 219

Text of the Quest:

Dreams From the Hist I completed the Trials of the Burnished Scales at Hissmir, which allows me to commune with the Hist. Doing so will give me insight why , a Dominion soldier, would undertake the trials. To commune with the Hist, I must drink from the bowl of Hist sap near Bimee-Kas.


Drink Hist Sap


Bimee-Kas: You've done well. Communion with the Hist is the right of all pilgrims who complete their trials.
You: Yes, if it helps me find out Captain Henaamo's intentions.
Bimee-Kas :It is different for every pilgrim who drinks the Hist sap. You may speak words or think thoughts that aren't your own. When the Hist shows all it wants you to see, find Kamax-Ei at the highest tier of our pyramid. He'll help you interpret your visions.
You: I'm ready to drink the Hist sap. Goodbye.
Jaraleet: My love, I've found the right mixture. You've heard it before, I know, but this time I feel it in my scales. Drinking this will allow me ... allow all of us ... to commune with the Hist. We'll regain what our people lost! Then drink, husband. Prove the worth of your words. Goodbye.
Betzi: Years of work, and it all comes to this. I almost don't believe it. Of course. I prepared the Hist amber. It's ready for you.
Betzi: You should be the one. You communed with the Hist, refined the amber... placing the Zaht stones was enough for me.
You: Then I'll rouse Hissmir's true power. It will work, Betzi.
Bimee-Kas: You return! As Root Steward, I must say your vision remains a secret of the Hist and yourself. But for myself, I must ask .... What did you see?
You: Zaht stones, like those in Hissmir. Activated by Hist amber. Goodbye.
Bimee-Kas: Zaht stones ... The Hist may be showing you a way to defend Hissmir against some future threat, but I have not heard of Hist amber in an age. You should speak with Kamax-Ei. If anyone knows, he will.
You: Where is Captain Henaamo?
Bimee-Kas: Gone. Whatever the Hist showed him, he was in a hurry to act. Perhaps his people are threatened as well?
You: Goodbye.
Kamax-Ei: The look in your eyes. You've communed with the Hist, I see. You and the Dominion captain make two outsiders in one day. A portent if there ever was one.
You:What do you know about Hist amber?
Kamax-Ei: Oh, no. Captain Henaamo also asked about the Hist amber. Then he left here in great haste. If he possesses any amber, he could use the Zaht stones upon the Root Stewards, the pilgrims ... everyone in Hissmir! Why would the Hist show him this vision?
You: Where did he go?
Kamax-Ei: I pray the Hist amber is lost to the ages. Captain Henaamo must not control Hissmir's lost power.
You: Why would the Hist reveal this secret to Captain Henaamo?
Kamax-Ei: The Hist cares not for kingdoms or politics. It shares what we have forgotten. How we use its gifts is our doing.
You: Goodbye.
Kamax-Ei You have not "pleased the Hist" today. Rather, you fulfilled the Hist's expectations. A subtle distinction, but necessary to comprehend the Hist. The Dominion won't threaten Hissmir anymore. You: Goodbye.
Kamax-Ei You unlocked a secret from our past, one so well-hidden we didn't see it ourselves. We'll retain this memory until it is lost once more. Then, in a time of great need, the Hist will reveal your deeds to our descendants.
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