Cracking the Egg [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Black Marsh
Location: Shadowfen
Required Level: 26
Reward: 52

Text of the Quest:

Cracking the Egg wants to find out more about . Until the vicecanons understand its danger, they cant root out the Dominion in Shadowfen. Im to meet Vicecanon Servyna at . She believes an Argonian keeper will know more about.



Vicecanon Servyna: Keeper Am-Meesei was a kind woman. She tended eggs, you understand? She was a midwife to Argonian hatchlings. And they butchered her. The Dominion cut her down and left her to rot.
Hero: What happened?
Vicecanon Servyna: I take no pleasure in being right. The Dominion must have learned Vicecanon Hrondar's knowledge of the Hatching Pools. It is imperative we learn the Mnemic Egg's true role in the Dominion's plans. They bring nothing to this land but abomination.

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