Collector of Pelts [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: Eastmarch
Required Level: 32
Reward: 57

Text of the Quest:

After giants and wolves overran the village of Lower Yorgrim, the survivors found shelter in a tiny fishing camp outside the village walls.


Hanmaer Furmender: A cold wind blows, giants stomp through our village, and we have nothing but the shirts on our backs to keep us warm. You've picked a poor time to visit Lower Yorgrim, traveler.
Hero: What can I do to help?
Hanmaer Furmender: I don't have a grand quest to offer you. We're just cold and hurt and afraid for our lives.
Hero: There must be something I can do.
Hanmaer Furmender: Well, the wolves came to Lower Yorgrim after the giants attacked. They roam the streets and feast on our dead. Perhaps you could collect a few wolf pelts for me. I can turn them into blankets. At least those of us that survived can stay warm.
Hero: I'll return with some wolf pelts.

Hanmaer Furmender: You're back! Were you able to kill any of those beasts? And did you bring us any of their pelts?
Hero: Here are the pelts you requested.
Hanmaer Furmender: Thank you, traveler. Some of Lower Yorgrim's refugees will sleep warmly tonight. Please, take this for your troubles.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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