Dark Knowledge [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Elsweyr
Location: Khenarthi's Roost
Required Level: 2

Text of the Quest:

Dark Knowledge A spirit named warned me of dark knowledge sealed in three forbidden tomes. She asked me to find all three and destroy them in a shrine on . I should speak with Cartirinque about what exactly she wants done with the books.


Talk to Cartirinque

Cartirinque: Heed my words, you endanger more than your life should you approach.
Hero: What are you?
Cartirinque: A foolish spirit. My ambition brought me low, but I won't allow it to happen to another. The book before you bears a terrible curse, as do two others. You can hear it call to you, yes?
Hero: No, I only hear you.
Cartirinque: But how? Are you strong enough to resist their call? Could you bring them to the shrine, and finish what I did not? Heed my words. The forbidden knowledge within those books isn't for this world. They must be destroyed!
Hero: Tell me what I would need to do.
Cartirinque: The curse upon each tome is designed to feed souls to Oblivion. But if you are able to resist their pull, you can collect the tomes and bring them to the shrine | for their destruction.
Hero: Where is this shrine?
Cartirinque: On the shores of Khenarthi's Roost, beyond the town of Mistral. It is lit by an ever-burning flame. Should you collect all the tomes, bring them to the shrine without delay. No matter how strong you believe you are, I fear the tomes are stronger.

Sahira-daro: This one does not understand. This shrine is supposed to be lit with an everburning flame! Perhaps Sahira-daro has thrown good money after bad.
Hero: Who are you?
Sahira-daro: A simple Khajiit, doing what she can to survive. Sahira-daro came to this shrine for guidance. It's said the flame gives visions to those who seek it.
Hero: What do you seek?
Sahira-daro: Answers to unasked questions. Mysteries defined by the stars themselves. And if Sahira-daro makes some gold along the way, all the better. This shrine is key to all of these things.
Hero: What's so special about this shrine?
Sahira-daro: It's a shrine to Hermaeus Mora, Daedric Prince of knowledge. They say if you stare into the fire, all will be revealed. But without the ever-burning flame, there's no way to find the lost books.
Hero: Lost books? What lost books?
Sahira-daro: Tomes, lost to the ages. They're full of secrets from an earlier time, a connection to our past and a bridge to our future. It doesn't matter what lies the spirit told. Sahira-daro will find those books!
Hero: What do you mean, a spirit lied to you?
Sahira-daro: While searching for the shrine, a spirit appeared to me and warned me away. Don't you see? Hermaeus Mora rewards the pursuit of knowledge. The spirit is a test to keep lazy seekers away!

Cartirinque: Don't listen to this fool's words. The forbidden tomes must be destroyed. Place ! them in the shrine's flame, quickly!
Hero: There's no flame in the shrine.
Cartirinque: What? That isn't possible. No matter. I'll rekindle the shrine's fire with my own essence, but you must promise to destroy them. You saw what happens to those who possess the tomes!
Hero: Nothing bad has happened to me so far.
Cartirinque: Then that is a blessing. Once the books begin calling to you, there is little time before they ensnare you completely. Burn the books! Don't let their burden destroy you.

Sahira-daro: You have the books? Then luck truly favors my path! Do not listen to the lying spirit. This knowledge should be preserved by one who knows how. By this I mean, Sahira-daro knows.
Hero: How would you preserve it?
Sahira-daro: This one knows the proper care and handling of old texts. Also, the importance of trade. To you the books are useless things, but to me they have value. Hand Sahira-daro the books in return for value. Just think, no more spirit to natter at you!
Hero: Give me a moment to consider this.
Sahira-daro: You have the books? Then luck truly favors my path! Do not listen to the lying spirit. This knowledge should be preserved by one who knows how. By this I mean, Sahira-daro knows.

Shrine Brazier: You lift the books toward the fire, but your hand freezes in place. You feel a prickling shoot across your skin. A faint pain blossoms in the back of your head.
Hero: Burn the books.
Shrine Brazier: Your hand remains in place, clutching the books. A chill shoots through your body. The pain in your head blooms.
Hero: Ignore the pain. Burn the books.
Shrine Brazier: Your hand shakes and your vision blurs, but your fingers do not release their grip on the books. The pain in your head is excruciating.
Hero: Burn the books. Burn the books. Burn the books.
Shrine Brazier: The books slip from your fingers. The flames roar. The pain fades.

Cartirinque: You've done it. The tomes are gone! I can't hear them anymore.
Hero: Are you certain?
Cartirinque: I'm certain. But no one else shall fall into their trap. You managed what I could not. But it is done, which is all that matters.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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