Dangerous Union [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: The Rift
Required Level: 39

Text of the Quest:

Dangerous Union The military has tracked Stral Blackthroat, the leader of the Reachmen, to Vernim Wood. When they arrived, they found Worm Cultists performing dark rituals with his warriors. I've been asked to talk to Dajaheel at the Pacts forward encampment.


Talk to Dajaheel Talk to Dajaheel

Bermund: Don't suppose you're bringing any reinforcements, are you?
Hero: No. You're expecting reinforcements?
Bermund: Hours ago. We tracked Stral, the bastard, to Vermin Wood. The Reachmen, though, they're not... it's not what we thought. The Worm Cult. They're here.
Hero: The cult? In Skyrim?
Bermund: It gets worse, they're ... doing something. To the Reachmen. I need to keep watch for any other soldiers coming through. Talk to Dajaheel and the Centurion if you want to pitch in. Good luck.
Hero: I'll report in.

Dajaheel: Welcome to Vernim Wood. Dark waters run in this river.
Hero: What's the situation?
Dajaheel: This is what we know: Stral and his elite warriors were tracked to the wood. As soon as we hit the treeline, we saw the hoods and robes.
Hero: The Worm Cult is here?
Dajaheel: Indeed. We found a defensible position and have held them back, thus far. We have no idea what's going on. Why are the Reachmen here? How did they get mixed up with the cult?
Hero: Have you interrogated prisoners?
Dajaheel: We've tried everything. Even some things I'm not proud of. An undercover agent named Belron, who joined us in Shadowfen, has narrowed it down to two options. One cruel, one not so much.
Hero: What's the cruel option?
Dajaheel: This magical dagger can cut out a cultist's heart that will magically continue beating. The heart can reanimate a cultist corpse, for a bit, and it will tell us what it knew. What is the less cruel option?
Hero: I'll take the cruel option.
Dajaheel: This ornate globe will collect the memories of the cultists. You use it on them then kill them. Belron can peer into the stored memories and perhaps see Stral speaking to a cultist.
Hero: I'll take the cruel option.
Dajaheel: Here's the dagger. Cut out the heart of a cultist and give that beating heart to Belron. You'll find him just south of my tent.

Lieutenant Belron: A still-beating heart. Either Dajaheel sent you or this is an extraordinary coincidence. May I?
Hero: Yes. Here's the heart.
Lieutenant Belron: Vile thing. A bit of magicka focused ... and there.
Hero: What did you do?
Lieutenant Belron: Bound up the soul that once pumped this organ. The Worm at your feet refused to answer my questions. So we'll need to try a different approach.
Hero: What do I do with this thing?
Lieutenant Belron: Look down. I've made room for a new heart in our friend here. Put your new trophy in its chest. Then stand back.

Worm Nightfrenzy: I can feel my flesh decay. But I'm not dead. Please, kill me. I'll tell you anything if you promise to kill me.
Hero: Tell me what I want to know first.
Worm Nightfrenzy: We made a deal with the Reachmen. They unleashed the giant, Sinmur. And we promised to bless them with the touch of our dark lord.
Hero: How?
Worm Nightfrenzy: We channel the touch of the Lord of Brutality. All across the wood, the Reachmen are being transformed. Stral himself undergoes the ceremony inside the central ruin. Now please kill me.
Hero: As you wish.

Dajaheel: Have you learned why the Worm Cult is here?
Hero: The cultists imbue the Reachmen with dark powers. Stral is at the ruin.
Dajaheel: That's a dark twist in the river. I'll send troops to investigate the ruin. It's been dirty work, but I thank you for your help.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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