Cyrodiil - Quests, Rare Fish

Cyrodiil is the central province of Tamriel. It has unique position and borders Hammerfell on the north-west, Skyrim on the north, Morrowind on the east, Black Marsh on the south-east, and Elsweyr and Valenwood on the south. It is the biggest province on the continent, drawing the factions towards it due to it's current weakness. It the home of the Imperial race, however, the race is unfortunately not playable. Cyrodiil is the centre of the Alliance War in Elder Scrolls Online, and is the scene of all AvA and PvP action in the game.

As you begin playing, Empress Regent Clivia Tharn is ruling Cyrodiil. The main trouble with Clivia Tharn is that he does not belong to the Dragonborn dynasty, so the agreement between Akatosh and Alessia that protected Nirn from Oblivion is now broken. The only way to save the world is to defeat the current Emperor and to crown someone from the Dragonborn dynasty. But is there any person who still carries dragon blood?

Largest cities of Cyrodiil

Imperial City , Anvil, Bravil, Bruma, Kvatch, Chorrol, Leyawiin, Skingrad and Cheydinhal.

The climate of the territory is warm and soft. There are many forests and green meadows, with beautiful rivers in the province. This territory is full of life. The Imperial City – the Capital of Cyrodiil – stands in the centre of the lake Rumare.If you look at the map you will see Niben River that flows from the centre of the province to the ocean on the south. It is the biggest river in all of Tamriel.

Other provinces in ESO are controlled by playable factions, but Cyrodiil is not. It is the designated PvP area of Elder Scrolls Online, where factions can fight against each other in Alliance vs. Alliance wars. The main goal of each faction in global war, is to conquer the Imperial City. The highest-ranking player of an alliance is crowned Emperor when their alliance takes control of the Imperial City; and as Emperor receives unique skills.

Each player can enter the territory of Cyrodiil after reaching level ten. Does it make sense to visit Cyrodiil at a low level? Yes, it does. When you enter Cyrodiil, players receive temporary bonuses in health, magicka and stamina; which means they aren't easy pickings for higher level players. In fact the ESO developers have claimed that you could level from 10-50 just within Cyrodiil, as there are a lot of quests and other activities in the area other than PvP. But, of course the best PvP experience can be received after reaching highest level and claiming better gear.

The province is very large. Though its size in ESO is smaller than it was in Oblivion, there are a lot of interesting places there.

When should I go to Cyrodiil?

Like mentioned before, you can go there any time after reaching level 10. But it is better to get to level 20-25 before visiting the PvP zone. You will have developed a character with strong abilities and decent equipment. With more devastating skills and equipment you can cause some real damage in AvA.

Quest Title Req. Level

This rare fish can be caught in Cyrodiil only! Don’t forget to catch all fish listed below if you want to get all achievements of a fisherman.

Item Level
Rainbow Fish 1
Yellow Perch 1
Glassfish 1
Pirate Perch 1
Quillfish 1
Pufferfish 1
Emperor Angelfish 1
Jewel Fish 1
Sewer Eel 1
Runmare Bream 1
Nibenay Trout 1
Topal Fanche 1

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