Down the Skeever Hole [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Elsweyr
Location: Reaper's March
Required Level: 37

Text of the Quest:

With the Colovians removed from the village, Captain Odreth has planned a counterattack with his Rangers. We are to use a secret tunnel to gain access to the Colovian camp and take them out. I should meet with Sergeant Herdor, who will explain more about this operation.

Captain Odreth: We're going down the skeever hole, recruit. Up for the challenge?
Hero: What's the plan?
Captain Odreth: Whenever we grow the village, we always try to make good use of the land and any useful resources. Like, say, the Ayleid ruins at the base of this tree. We didn't do that for the aesthetics. We did it to give us options.
Hero: Options?
Captain Odreth: We're going to use the ruins to get behind their front line. The Colovians don't know about our tunnel. They've been using the ruins as storage, in fact. Get downstairs and talk to Herdor. She's in charge. Good luck.
Hero: I'll report to Herdor.

Sergeant Herdor: I love a good sneak attack. The look in a man's eye when the knife goes in. Ooh! I just got chills.
Hero: What's my role?
Sergeant Herdor: You, Gloo, and I are going to be running this thing. We'll be some of the first out of the tunnel. I've got the second line mustering down below now.
Hero: Why have you waited to do this?
Sergeant Herdor: You and Gloo took out the Colovians in the village! Now we can concentrate our forces on the counterattack. We're also itching to make sure Nendaer's all right.
Hero: Nendaer?
Sergeant Herdor: Founder of the Rangers. Every time we regrow the village, we find him a new resting place. Rangers don't forget Rangers. Not now, not ever. Follow me. I'll take point, but you'll get to do the fun stuff.
Hero: Lead on.

Sergeant Herdor: Good timing. We need to get some information out of our friend here. She seems pretty dense. I was just telling her how delicious I find silent tongues.
Hero: What are you trying to learn?
Sergeant Herdor: We need to know who's leading the outfit and where we can find them. We're going to kill them all, anyway. Right! Yeah! But it'd be good to get their commanders before they escape.
Hero: What's the plan?
Sergeant Herdor: Gloo tells me they've wisely filled those crates over there with kindlepitch. I think we'll use them to convince this dog to bark.
Hero: How?
Sergeant Herdor: Simple. Set fire to those crates one by one until she talks. Either she talks or the tunnel explodes! Maybe rocks will crush her. Or she'll burn alive. It's all such a mystery!
Hero: That sounds totally reasonable.
Sergeant Herdor: Ready for the fun part?
Hero: What's the fun part?
Sergeant Herdor: Now? We wreck their camp. Burn and pillage everything that takes your fancy. Siege weapons, tents, cargo—you name it!
Hero: What about that commander she mentioned?
Sergeant Herdor: Your instinct is dead on. After you've had a chance to frolic, head towards the other part of the ruin. Take out this Festius and his aides. Don't worry. I know Nendaer's smiling on us.
Hero: I'll do what I can.
Sergeant Herdor: Good. Now let's finish this. For the Rangers. For the villagers we lost today ....

Captain Odreth: That was marvelous work, soldier. Poetic slaughter.
Hero: Thanks ... I think.
Captain Odreth: It may be hard for an outsider to understand. But we Rangers take our heritage very seriously. Honoring the memory of the Founder... it's everything. I'm sure Nendaer would agree—you'd make a good Ranger.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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