Dragon Knight (DK) – Description and Skill Lines

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  • Dragon Knight (DK) is a cool fighter who uses the ancient Akaviri martial art tradition of battle-spirit. The most dangerous weapon in a DK's arsenal is fearsome magic that damages, stuns and controls the target enemy. The class can deal a lot of damage, combining different weapons, special abilities and magic. Furthermore, if you equip a sword and shield a DK can also be a good tank. If you wish, you can even become an assassin or ranged damage dealer. It is a multipurpose class that is playable with any weapon and armour set. Everything depends on your wishes, which is the beauty of ESO.

    The class also feels comfortable in massive battles because of his Spiked Armour and Dragon Armour (ultimate ability) skills.

    Skill Tree

    Comments (3)

    1. Dorgaria 28 february 2014, 18:22 # 0
      Draconic Power centers more on self healing & slightly boosting defense.
      Ardent Flame centers more on DOT & raw damage.
      Earthen Heart centers more on CC & boosting defense.
      1. Sam Waanders 18 march 2014, 17:49 # 0
        The fact that I will go DK was decided pretty fast. The only thing I was not sure of is if I would go Draconic Power or Earthen Heart. I will play with the shield and sword. Draconic power seems the best choice. Also dragon leap seems awsome :)
        1. Logan Ingram 29 may 2015, 04:12 # 0
          Cant wait! I am wanting to use Earthen Heart and Ardent Flame mostly. Some of the Draconic Power abilities sound cool, especially Dragon Leap, but I am more interested in Earth and Flame based abilities.

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