Helping Hands

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  • Helping Hands
    Requires Dragon Knight
    Type: Passive
    gain stamina when one of your earth abilities targets another player
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    Helping Hands allows a Dragon Knight to receive extra stamina whenever they apply Earthen Heart spells to another player. It is a rather beneficial passive, especially if you like to combine Weapon and Earthen Heart abilities, or if you like to sneak a lot. Extra stamina gain allows the use of weapon abilities more often and gives you more flexibility in battle.

    It is unknown if Helping Hands works when you apply Earthen Heart abilities to an enemy target. It seems that it should apply.

    This passive works great with Obsidian Shield- that absorbs damage you and your allies take. Many Dragon Knights may place Obsidian Shield on their hotbars just to take advantage of the extra stamina regeneration provided by Helping Hands.

    Don’t forget that you gain extra stamina only if one of Earthen Heart spells is applied to another player. Remember though that this passive does not provide you with permanent stamina gain.

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