Spiked Armor

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Spiked Armor
Requires Dragon Knight
Cast Time Instant
Type: Active
For x seconds:
- Increase armor - Return x physical damage to melee attackers
Unlocked at Draconic Power Rank 1

Spiked Armor is Dragon Knight’s buff that surrounds your character with spikes adding extra damage resistance and returning physical damage to enemies.

As you see from the title the ability helps to get extra armor. The ability is great for tanks or for melee fighters. The second effect of the ability is that it returns physical damage to melee attackers. The spell can give a lot of benefits for those who like melee combat.

Spiked Armor can be used in a combination with Dragon Leap. You can use Dragon Leap in order to burst into the crowd of enemies and then switch on Spiked Armor to protect yourself. Most of the enemies will attack you and the spell will return portion of damage to attackers.

This ability can be Morphed into

Spell Type

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