Molten Weapons

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Molten Weapons
Requires Dragon Knight
Cast Time Instant
Type: Active
Incrases weapon damage of nearby allies.
- Bonus increased by 100% on caster.
Unlocked at Earthen Heart Rank 4

Molten Weapons is a buff that increases weapon damage of your character and nearby allies, with double the benefit applied to the Dragonknight. Though the increase of power is not big, the duration of the ability is rather long.

Molten Weapons is one of several buffs that a DK has at its disposal and looks to be very effective in group dungeons and AvA for that added edge.

It doesn’t make sense to keep this spell on your main hotbar because of the long duration of the effect. This ability is great for the second hotbar and can be used to buff your allies before a fight. When you need to rebuff you can switch to the second hotbar again, apply the buff and switch back to the main hotbar. Such tactics will help you to save slots on the first hotbar for the spells that are used more often.

This ability can be Morphed into

Spell Type

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