Dragon Leap

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Dragon Leap
Requires Dragon Knight
Cast Time Instant
Type: Ultimate
Leap forward on magical wings, dealing AoE damage upon landing, knocking nearby enemies backwards.

Dragon Leap is an Ultimate ability that allows Dragonknight to leap forward on Magical wings. When the character lands he deals damage to all nearby enemies and knocks them down.

Dragon Leap is a great spell to burst into the enemy crowd knocking foes down and dealing damage. The radius of the ability is not very big but it gives an opportunity for sudden attack. The Ultimate is great to use in massive encounters when you can hit multiple enemies at a time. The more enemies you hit the higher your DPS will be.

The ability is great because it has 2 effects: it deals a rather good AoE damage and it also knocks enemies back giving you and your allies time for attack. The knocking effect allows to use Dragon Leap for interrupting foes.

It is one of the most spectacular spells in Elder Scrolls Online. The animation is great. When you use the ability your character receives magical wings that help him to come off the ground and make a long jump forward.

This ability can be Morphed into

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