Reflective Scales

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  • Reflective Scales
    Requires Dragon Knight
    Cast Time Instant
    Type: Active
    - Reflect all spell projectiles
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    Reflective Scales is a great spell that helps to protect your character from ranged attacks, however, whether this works against magic projectiles, as well as bow attacks, is unknown at the moment.

    Sometimes there are situations when you are snared, rooted or can’t move and you're vulnerable to ranged attacks. This tactic is called “kiting”. Your enemy will try to stand far from you and apply different debuffs in order to decrease your movement speed. This situation is frustrating, especially if you are a melee fighter without ranged attacks. Ranged Damage Dealers (RDD) who make good use of snares are always a headache for any close combat class. Reflective Scales will help you to receive temporary protection from “kiting”. The spell belongs to the Draconic Power skill tree considered to be a melee tank tree. It is great that ESO developers added a spell that can help you protect yourself from kiting. So make use of it.

    Reflective Scales is a must have skill for PvP fighters. Look to use in combination with the Heavy Armour skill "Immovable"- which removes all movement restrictions.

    Tier 1 Morphing

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