Ash Cloud

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  • Ash Cloud
    Requires Dragon Knight
    Cast Time Instant
    Type: Active
    For medium duration:
    - enemies standing in ash storm are snared 70% and gain 30% miss chance
    - allies may use the ash shroud synergy to avoid all attacks for 4s
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    Ash Cloud summons an ash storm that snares foes and decreases their chance to hit. Allies may activate the Ash Shroud synergy which grants them the ability to evade all attacks for a short period of time.

    Ash Cloud is a great spell for crowd control. The only minus of the spell is that it only affects the foe while he is standing in the cloud. As soon as they leave the area of the spell all debuffs applied by Ash Cloud disappear. Thus, your foe will hardly continue to attack you while standing in the ash storm.

    It’s a good idea to use Ash Cloud in conjunction with spells that root foes. This will prevent your enemies from leaving the area of the spell, forcing them to fight against you while missing the majority of their attacks. It is a great synergy that will really aid in fighting against large groups of enemies.

    On the one hand, the fact that the spell only affects the foe while he is standing in the area of the spell is a minus, but on the other, if any enemy enters the area he will also receive the debuff. This just means you have to be careful when you use it. Look to quickly snare escaping targets or slow down enemies when they are running into the gate of your keep.

    There are many skills that are effective when used with Ash Cloud especially AoE damage spells The snaring effect of Ash Cloud will prevent enemies from escaping causing them to receive more damage. This can be used to full effect in PvP when protecting the keep. Imagine that enemies have destroyed the gate and are running into the keep. You can use Ash Cloud and your ally may apply a AoE attacking spell such as Nova. The gate of the keep is narrow and many of your enemies will be snared and thus receive a lot of damage even before they enter the keep. Now imagine what happens if several allies apply their AoE abilities to the same area. The cumulative effect will be great.

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