Battle Roar

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Battle Roar
Requires Dragon Knight
Type: Passive
activation of an ultimate restores health, magicka and stamina based on the cost of the ultimate

Battle Roar is a passive that restores health, magicka and stamina when you activate an Ultimate ability. The effectiveness depends on the amount of Ultimate you have. The higher the cost is, the more resources you get. It is a great passive that makes your Ultimate abilities more effective.

This passive may affect your general “rotation”. For instance, if you activate an Ultimate spell in the beginning of the fight (when you have full magicka, stamina and health) you will not receive benefits from Battle Roar. But using ultimate abilities in the middle of the fight will restore a part of these valuable resources. This may stimulate some players to start the fight with Active abilities and use Ultimates later to get benefits from Battle Roar.

Battle Roar will definitely help all Dragon Knights in increasing their survivability and allowing them to cast more spells and abilities in the fight. Tanks, Damage dealers and Mages will like the restoring effect of the ability.

Anyway, the passive is great for any Dragon Knight regardless of their role and primary skill line. It affects all Ultimates, in all skill lines, and looks to be a must have for long fights in order to maximize DPS and survivability.

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