Magma Armor

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  • Magma Armor
    Requires Dragon Knight
    Cast Time Instant
    Type: Ultimate
    Sets a percentage based limit to the incoming damage you can receive per hit while dealing fire damage to all nearby foes.
    Unlocked at Earthen Heart Rank 12
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    Magma Armor sets a percentage based limit to the incoming damage you can receive per hit. It also deals AoE damage to all surrounding enemies. The strength of this Ultimate lies in the damage mitigation it provides. For example, the first Rank of the spell limits the damage per hit to 3% of your maximum health. If your enemy hits you for more than this cap you don't receive the exceeded damage. Only 3% of your max health. This Ultimate is an outstanding ability for Tanks in PvE "boss fights" but also in PvP when you're facing multiple foes or sense that someone is about to unleash a lot of damage. Magma Armour also helps healers to maintain your health pool if you're taking a lot damage and is great for when you see your healer being stunned, as it gives you some added survivability.

    In general, Magma Armour is a great choice for tanks who prefer a more passive style. If we compare two Dragon Knight Ultimates: Dragon Leap and Magma Armor, we see that Dragon Leap is more aggressive and affects foes, while Magma Armour provides defense and added survivability.

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