Dragonknight Standard

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Dragonknight Standard
Requires Dragon Knight
Cast Time Instant
Type: Ultimate
For Xs while on Dragonknight standard:
- enemies take fire damage every second
- enemies receive less healing
- an ally may activate the shackle ability, damaging and rooting enemies in the area

Dragonknight Standard is Dragonknight’s Ultimate ability from Ardent Flame tree. The ability allows to hit enemies with fire and they will start burning receiving DoT damage. They will also receive less healing under the effect of the spell.

Dragonknight Standard is a great spell against group of enemies in massive battles. It decreases efficiency of healers and thus increases your chances to win. This ability is #1 for all Dragon Knights who play as tanks or damage dealers. Do not forget that it is an ultimate ability and requires recharging.

How to use

You need to go deep into the group of enemies and activate this Ultimate. The spell has AoE effect and the more enemies you hit the better. It does not make sense to use the ability against one enemy. This spell shows his power only against big group of foes.

Do not remember that an ally may activate the Shackle synergy. This synergy can root your enemies and deal more damage. Rooting effect will also prevent foes from running away and your DoT aura will be able to deal a lot of damage. If you have enough Ultimate Points for Dragonknight Standard you can tell your allies about it and ask them not to miss an opportunity to activate Shackle synergy. Don’t forget that you can not activate it yourself.

This ability can be Morphed into

Spell Type

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