Dual Wield Skills

The Dual Wield skill line is for those who like to hold one handed weapon in both hands. It consists of skills that will help you to deal more damage with your dual wield weapons. There are also several abilities for crowd control.

If you have MMO experience this skill line will not surprise you. It has all you need for being a Damage dealer or Assassin. There are spells that deal damage, blind, apply DoT, snare and deal increased damage to low health targets. A full arsenal for pure Assassin archetype. The great thing in Elder Scrolls Online is that nobody forces you to just use the abilities in your build. You can effectively combine them with your class skills to create your own awesome build.

The general downfall of Dual Wield abilities is that it does not provide players with enough armor and protection. Sometimes you will feel this, but to be honest it’s not so important for hardcore damage dealers. If you care too much about protection you probably should look at One Handed and Shield line or you need to create your own build. If your goal is to be a top DD Dual Wield weapons will be a very good choice.

Spell Type
Twin Slashes Active
Flurry Active
Whirlwind Active
Sparks Active
Hidden Blade Active
Slaughter Passive
Dual Wield Expert Passive
Controlled Fury Passive
Ruffian Passive
Twin Blade and Blunt Passive

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