Two Handed Skills

The Two Handed Weapon skill line is for fearsome warriors who prefer all out attack over defence. This skill line will help you to fight against multiple enemies or against one enemy in a duel. There are 5 active and 5 passive abilities found within the skill line.

Abilities found in the Two Handed Weapon skill line are diverse and will help you in many situations. For instance, Cleave will be great when there are several enemies in front of you. Critical charge will be useful for sudden attacks and for fighting against archers and mages. Uppercut is a great spell for controlling the enemy as it both stuns and knocks down the target. Reverse Slash is a great finishing strike because it deals damage according to an enemy’s missing health. Momentum dramatically increase weapon damage and gains even more extra damage for a moderate duration. As you can see there are great skills for different situations.

There are also great passives that do not require activation. They always give different bonuses after you master them. Heavy Weapons passive increase the efficiency of heavy weapons giving different bonuses to different weapon types.

The Two Handed Weapon skill line is diverse and has all skills you need in battle. Just remember that all active abilities require stamina and you need to be mindful of your stamina pool in order to be able to use these abilities effectively.

Spell Type
Cleave Active
Critical Charge Active
Uppercut Active
Reverse Slash Active
Momentum Active
Heavy Weapons Passive
Balance Passive
Forceful Impact Passive
Arcane Fighter Passive
Battle Rush Passive

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